Ottoman Sleeper Bed – Facilitate Your Guests with Luxury Experience


An ottoman sleeper may be the answer you have been looking for if you often have guests to stay over but don’t have a spare bedroom or bed. While fold up beds and sleeping bags have their uses, for the more mature guest they can prove extremely uncomfortable. Ottoman beds on the other hand are well known for being very comfortable and they have the added advantage of providing storage for the bedding so look tidy during the day.

They come in a range of styles, sizes, and prices to suit all pockets. As you will be using the ottoman sleeper as a sofa or chair most of the time it is important that it looks good as well as being comfortable to sit on. You might not want to choose a leather version unless you also invest in a microfiber slipcover as you do not want your guests sleeping direct on the leather. For the ultimate luxury feel why not check out local outlet centre and buy from better bed company to get some discount quality bedding. The right sheets, a fantastic pillow and perhaps an electric blanket combined with this style of sofa bed may mean that your guests don’t want to leave!

Ottoman sleepers also come in twin sizes so if you regularly have two guests and have the room, you can effectively have a chair that converts into a double bed. They come in a range of different styles so if you don’t fancy black or brown leather you can go for an upholstery version instead.

Usually, the ottoman sleeper will convert easily into a bed by simply removing the top and using the handle inside to pull the bed out. If it doesn’t come out relatively easily try applying a little pressure i.e., push downwards and it should spring up. When you unfold the bed, do be sure to secure any locking mechanisms or else you may find your guest in a little trouble during the night! All you must do is add the bedding and you have a lovely cozy bed.

In the morning it is very simple to store the bed and bedding back inside the Ottoman sleeper leaving your room looking like a living room and not a bedroom any longer. The beauty of this style of sofa bed is that it fits into tight spaces and doubles up as a seat although it obviously requires enough space to be extended when you want to use it. Some people even use them as a coffee table.

The only real downside to a few of the budget ottoman sleepers is that the mattress can be a little thin, but this is easily rectified by investing in a new one. If you want pure luxury, go for a memory foam mattress. It is so comfortable you may find yourself making excuses to sleep on the ottoman bed rather than your usual one.

If you buy an ottoman sleeper for your living room, you may want to invest in a couple of slip covers as well. These will help to keep cleaning bills low as upholstered furniture will need to be steam cleaned every so often. This will make your furniture last longer but will also keep it free from bugs and pests. If you do have guests using the ottoman bed, you should always use a mattress protector to prevent the likelihood of staining. Coffee, tea, and other breakfast spillages are not easy to get out of the materials used to cover these furnishings. You can easily make your own slipcovers or buy specific ottoman slip covers at your local drapery store. They are not expensive and will not only reduce cleaning but can add a fresh updated look to your decor if you fancy a change.

If you do not have the room for full sized ottoman beds, you could invest in a sleeper instead. When you go shopping make sure that the mechanism is easy to manipulate and that you do not have to break your back trying to pull the bed out of the storage space. The better models will spring out and in with very little persuasion. They can be extremely comfortable to sleep on and have the convenience of packing nicely back into a comfortable seat or even an ottoman coffee table for use during the day.

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