How Top Models Prepare for Fashion Shows

Every model knows that it is a big deal to have been selected to walk at a fashion show. Fashion shows are one of the most watched and anticipated events nowadays. The shows get better every year and so are the expectations. They are instantly broadcasted all around the world through the internet and social media. Models from different modelling agency, newbies and pros have various techniques on how they cope up with the pressure before and during the fashion show.

Mali Koopman

It is nearly impossible to prepare for the madness of a fashion show but she always tries. She checks out relaxing places to go to vacation after the fashion show. Doing this clears her head and finds inspiration in it. Before the fashion show, she spends most of her time in the studio fitting the collections and practice running on the runway. She finds time to do a quick workout, jog around parks or even attend yoga classes in the afternoon. Doing these things make her feel in control and confident of herself.

Charlee Fraser

Charlee usually goes shopping for shoes before the fashion show so she can use it during her presentation. She advices to drink lots of water and take your probiotics and vitamins. If she feels nervous, she visits her acupuncturist who helps her calm down. Doing this also reminds her that she needs to relax to be able to perform well on the runway.

Selena Forrest

Before attending a fashion show, she puts all her ideas and inspirations on a wall. She stares at it every day before she starts with her daily routines. Doing this gives her the idea of what she wants to portray in the fashion show. The whole process of the fashion show can be overwhelming. To be able to avoid the pressure, Selena makes sure she talks to her loved ones to make her feel comfortable

Alanna Arrington

Models usually travel in and out of countries to attend fashion shows. Alanna usually drinks coffee to help her eliminate stress, cope up with jetlag and make her feel a little less nervous. Before the fashion show starts, she usually listens to an iPod that is loaded with songs from Beyonce and Rihanna. After hours of fitting and styling, she comes home to her dogs. Alanna plays with her dogs to make her feel unstressed out and feel the comfortability of her home. Her dogs also accompany her during her morning jogs and helps her forget that she will be again be heading to a day of strenuous work.

Whatever they do, models are still normal people behind those glamorous runways. The best modelling agencies take good care of their models by providing their needs emotionally, financially and physically. Doing this makes the models and designers more comfortable and less nervous for the upcoming fashion shows. The secret to a successful fashion show is how and what the models do to keep themselves ready for an amazing performance and be confident.

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