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How to Be the Chicest Mom During Winter in 3 Easy Steps

The most rewarding job is also the busiest. Being a mom is incredible and you should definitely look the part. Of course, you may feel like there’s simply never enough time to actually put together a nice outfit and dress up. This winter, you can change all that. If you actually organize your wardrobe so that random combinations always look great and chic, you’ll be able to spice up your daily look without spending more time than you usually do on getting dressed. Take a look at these 3 easy steps and transform your winter style completely. Not only will you be a stylish mom, but you’ll feel confident and gorgeous as a woman as well.

Layering is always the right answer

Instead of just throwing one bulky and worn-out sweater on, layering your clothes will definitely make you look well put together and stylish. Therefore, it would be best to stock up on winter layering pieces. This doesn’t mean that you have to get rid of your favorite sweaters and warm sweatpants. But designate a separate area in the wardrobe for these items. Your main garments should always hang where you can see them. Moreover, opt for several complementary colors. That way, you won’t have to waste time on choosing your clothes based on the color match. Essentially, with flattering womens cardigans, basic tops that sit well on your upper body, a couple of skirts and pants that you feel comfortable and amazing in as well as warm leggings instead of stockings, you’ll be able to mix and match your outfits every day and always create a chic combination.

Choose quality over quantity

As a mom, you won’t have time to go shopping all the time. In order to avoid wearing distressed clothing pieces that look old after washing them just once, pay attention to the quality of your winter clothes as well as your garments in general. Make sure to check the materials and the way garments are made. If you opt for an online shopping experience, choose reputable online clothing stores with plenty of positive feedback. That way, you’ll fill your wardrobe with timeless pieces that can last you a while. This doesn’t go for your clothes only, but your footwear as well. It’s essential that your winter footwear is warm, waterproof and comfy. Moreover, if you make it a point to choose your boots or shoes carefully so that they match different looks with pants, skirts and dresses, you will always look chic and well-dressed.

Don’t forget to accessorize

Winter accessories are very important for completing your chic look. Busy moms often neglect this part of winter fashion and simply grab whatever scarf or hat is at their immediate reach. However, this can ruin your overall look. With a nice and flattering coat or winter jacket, nice and fashionable accessories can add a touch of personality and trendiness. Pay special attention to your hat, scarf and gloves. For example, a plaid pattern will always look fashionable and timeless. Opting for a red plaid scarf and matching it with completely red gloves and hat will always look chic and amazing. The red color will also create an effective contrast to the gloomy weather. You don’t have to go for red if you don’t like it. You can also choose hats and gloves that match your coat/jacket, thus leaving your scarf as a statement piece. But make sure that you choose your winter accessories well so that they perfectly complement one another and add that extra something to your outfit. Keep them in the same place all the time so that you always know where they are when going outside.

As you can see, getting your chic mom look right is not at all difficult. You just need to be consistent with what you want to hang on to and what new garments you want to buy. When shopping, plan the outfits in your head. That way, you’ll see which ones are worth getting and which ones you can pass.

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