Memorial Day Activities for Toddlers
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7 Memorial Day Activities for Toddlers

Memorial Day is a learning opportunity — even for toddlers. Hands-on activities and community events teach children values like gratitude and patriotism. Parents can incorporate sensory play and creative crafts to help spark their children’s curiosity and inspire meaningful connections. Check out these activities that will make this Memorial Day one to remember!

1. Attend a Patriotic Parade (or Have One of Your Own!)

Every toddler loves a parade, and many communities have Memorial Day processions featuring patriotic floats or military demonstrations. Pack the water and sunscreen, and then dress your toddler in a red, white, and blue outfit set! If you have a little princess, summery twirl dresses with soft and lightweight bamboo viscose will help keep her cool and comfortable. She can pick from prints like colorful stars or nautical-inspired blue stripes to wear with a cute bow or headband.

Joggers with a matching tee and patriotic hat will make your little one feel festive. They can even accessorize with a luxe hair bow or pair of red sunglasses. Are you running short on time? Dress your little one in bamboo romper pajamas featuring red, white, and blue colors! Popsicle prints and polka dots are an excellent choice for a holiday-themed outfit.

You can still have a parade if the family stays home. Put on your favorite patriotic clothing and make floats out of construction paper and cardboard. Wave mini American flags and play patriotic music! Invite friends, neighbors, or even the dog to join the fun.

2. Make Memorial Day Snacks 

Make the holiday feel more festive with Memorial Day snacks. Skewers with nutritious, delicious red and blue fruit look decorative on the family dinner table. Let your little one help you sort strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries to place on each stick. Include Greek yogurt on the side for dipping.

Parfaits or berry smoothies are another way to showcase the red, white, and blue while adding more vitamins and nutrients to their diet. Layer the colors for a decorative, tasty treat. Incorporate fresh berries into a salad entrée or fruit salad. Patriotic popsicles featuring yogurt and blackberries keep toddlers cool while playing outside.

3. Play with Patriotic Sensory Bins 

Sensory bins are so fun and easy to customize! Best of all, they’ll keep toddlers busy for hours. Make your own Memorial Day-themed sensory bins with the help of your favorite red, white, and blue objects. Color a few cups of white rice with red and blue food coloring for a layered experience your child will love. You can also use a type of food coloring to dye your favorite type of pasta.

Bow ties and penne are excellent choices for an immersive sensory box. More ideas for your box’s foundation include colored sand, beads, or buttons. Add tiny stars or American flags they can group or sort together. You can even include red and blue letters, magnets, or Legos. Offer small tongs or shovels to help them pick up treasures. Magnifying glasses will help them examine patriotic objects.

4. Create Red, White, and Blue Crafts

Red, white, and blue crafts are the perfect summer refrigerator decorations. You can even hang them in a window or showcase them in the playroom! Activities can be simple, like choosing the ideal spot for patriotic stickers on construction paper. Toddlers can also practice cutting and gluing to make an American flag craft.

Paint popsicle sticks for a three-dimensional flag you can display in your home. Paper plate star wreaths include many items you may already have at home, including paper plates and ribbons. Make a DIY Memorial Day parade hat or assist your child in making a stars and stripes windsock. Every craft will help them strengthen their motor skills while learning more about the holiday.

5. Dance to Patriotic Music

Have a patriotic music party! Wear red, white, and blue family matching pajamas and dance or march to famous American songs like “Stars and Stripes Forever” or “Fifty Nifty United States.” Memorial Day is an excellent opportunity to introduce toddlers to “The Star-Spangled Banner” or “America the Beautiful.” Show off your moves to “Yankee Doodle,” or let them start to memorize the lyrics to “This Land Is Your Land” while you dance and twirl.

Feel free to break out the musical instruments! A patriotic music party is a chance to show off your skills on a recorder or kazoo. Tambourines and hand drums let your child learn how to keep a beat. You can even let them explore new instruments like a triangle or xylophone.

6. Visit a Local Memorial

Some families remember Memorial Day by visiting a community monument or historical site. While you honor those who have served our country, you can find age-appropriate ways to explain the shrine or commemoration to your child. Walk the grounds with them, explaining that many people work hard to protect our neighborhoods and country. Explain how a plaque or statue helps remember them, even when they are not here.

Remind them that American flags or red, white, and blue colors represent the United States. Your toddler may even ask you questions! Don’t worry if your little one doesn’t understand all the concepts you teach them. New information helps them grow and make new connections.

7. Read a New Book

According to the Child Mind Institute, reading to your child as often as possible will help boost their language development, empathy, and emotional awareness. A fun book is also an excellent way to help them learn new concepts, like what Memorial Day means or why American flags are considered patriotic. Choose age-appropriate stories for toddlers, including patriotic song lyrics and beautiful imagery to spark the imagination. You can also choose books with critical learning concepts, like stories about parade colors and the ABCs of America.

Some age-appropriate books feature tales and explanations of everyday heroes, veterans, or military soldiers. If your child likes to color, you can find coloring sheets with facts about Memorial Day and veterans.

Make Memorial Day a Fun Learning Experience

Memorial Day is a day of remembrance, but you can still make it engaging for your toddler. Pick an activity that they enjoy, such as crafts or sensory bins. If you prefer to get outside, visit a parade or memorial. Let them use their senses to explore a new holiday and its significance. With the help of family and friends, each Memorial Day will become more meaningful!

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