Guidance for Parents During a Move

Relocating to a new house in a different town can be a source of stress, particularly for children who may struggle to comprehend and embrace such changes. Teenagers, in particular, may exhibit disruptive behavior as they grapple with feeling uprooted, potentially causing challenges at home and in school. For parents, this entails not only managing the practical aspects of the move but also helping their children emotionally prepare for the transition. To assist, here are some tips for preparing kids for a move.

First and foremost, parents should prioritize open communication about the impending move. Keeping details secret or undisclosed until the last moment can have serious repercussions. Instead, share the news early to allow ample time for adjustment, questions, and addressing any fears well before moving day.

Even with very young children, it is essential to convey that a significant change is on the horizon, using age-appropriate language to explain the reasons behind it. If children react negatively, it’s important for parents to acknowledge these feelings as natural emotional reactions to the unfamiliar or uncertain. Parents should show empathy, create a safe space for their children to express themselves, and outline when they can expect specific changes. This helps provide a sense of predictability and security.

Once past this initial phase, involving youngsters in the moving process to the best of their abilities is recommended. Toddlers can assist in selecting which toys should accompany them, while older kids can take on more substantial responsibilities. Whether it’s helping with donations or managing the to-do list, this involvement can be highly constructive.

Maintaining the same routines to which children are accustomed is crucial. Regular activities, such as sports games, piano lessons, or club meetings, should continue as scheduled until the week before the move. Balancing consistency with preparations for change can be challenging, and parents should seek support and resources to maintain a calm demeanor, even during stressful times.

Consider organizing a moving away party, particularly for school-age children. This allows them to bid farewell to friends and helps parents collect contact information for ongoing connections. Visiting favorite places around town one last time and capturing these moments through photographs can create positive memories for children as they embark on new experiences in the new house.

For additional insights on preparing your kids for a move, check out the following infographic.

Infographic provided by Dearman Moving and Storage, leading cross country movers

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