Are Birth Announcements Still a Thing?

Birth Announcements

Birth announcements are still a very popular type of announcement in the US, but their popularity has recently dipped quite noticeably. After years of being the second most common type of announcement behind weddings, birth announcements are now in third place, behind baby showers and engagements. Is this just a momentary downward trend, or will birth announcements continue to be less popular than they used to be? Here’s what you need to know about how to announce your baby’s birth.

Digital birth announcements

Today, many families post their birth announcements on social media sites. This can be done with an announcement on your Facebook timeline or even a picture that you Instagram and tag people in, as well as using Twitter. Some people will announce their new arrival with video clips posted to YouTube. However you choose to announce your baby’s birth, it’s best to be strategic about when and how you do it. It is no longer necessary to send formal birth announcements through snail mail – there are plenty of online companies now that offer customizable templates for creating digital announcements that can then be sent out directly from their website, or you can easily create them yourself at home on any computer or smartphone and then forward them electronically.

Why still do them?

Whether you’re a new parent or a seasoned one, you’ve probably noticed that birth announcements have drastically changed in recent years. While there are still plenty of baby announcements being sent through traditional methods, such as mailed cards, there are also plenty of parents taking to social media to spread the news of their new addition. New parents no longer expect a formal announcement for births but believe it or not, it’s a very thoughtful gesture that will be appreciated by family and friends. This is where having some birth announcement ideas come in handy; after all, you don’t want your announcement looking like any other out there! The key to choosing ideas is thinking about what makes your child special and focusing on that aspect instead of packing every little detail into your announcement.

How to do it right

A birth announcement is a time-honored tradition in which parents share with family and friends news of their newborn’s arrival. So why, then, have birth announcements become increasingly less common these days? Whether you’re for or against sending out formal invitations to announce your baby’s birth, one thing is clear: if you do choose to send them out, you want yours to stand out from all the rest. A birth announcement needs to look good and be high quality so that it will make a lasting impression on those receiving it. Here are a few tips on how to create a beautiful announcement:

  • Hire a professional newborn photographer. Photographers that specialize in newborn photography know all of the tips and tricks to getting baby to pose. Some will even have different wraps and accessories to use during the session.
  • Choose a good printing company if you’re going to send them by mail. Places such as Shutterstock offer high-quality prints.

Can birth announcements in 2022 really compare to those from, say, 30 years ago? Yes the can! They’re just different. And that’s okay. No matter what form they take—whether it’s over email or social media, at a store or online—birth announcements still bring joy and happiness to parents and relatives alike. As long as everyone is happy with how baby is introduced into their family, what’s important is that he has arrived safe and sound!

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