5 Must-Have Gadgets to Make Parenting Easier

Taking care of kids is hard work, and it can seem like no matter how many parenting hacks you try, there’s always one more thing you need to make your life easier as a parent. Fortunately, these five must-have gadgets will help you out in just about every area of parenting, from handling their tantrums to keeping their rooms clean.

Baby Brezza Formula Pro

For busy parents who want a little help getting through their day, there are some great gadgets out there. Take formula preparation as an example. The Baby Brezza Formula Pro is an all-in-one system that mixes and warms a bottle for you, with only one touch of a button. In under 60 seconds, your baby’s bottle is ready to go, so you can give him or her a feeding. Once done, it stores another eight bottles in its reservoir, making it easy to pop in any bottle whenever needed. And if you don’t like cold milk but don’t have time to warm up a bottle? The reservoir will store four bottles at room temperature—just be sure to shake them first! Thanks to modern technology, even something as complicated as raising children has been made easier than ever before.

Baby’s Brew Portable Bottle Warmer

The first step in parenting is making sure that your baby has what she needs when she needs it. But as any parent will tell you, nothing is more stressful than wondering if you’ve got everything packed and ready to go before you head out with a screaming little one in tow. To help make life a little easier, The Parenting Patch recommends taking along a few must-have gadgets that can make those early months of parenthood easier and more enjoyable for everyone involved. One of our favorite ideas is Baby’s Brew Portable Bottle Warmer, which can heat breast milk or formula in less than two minutes using only water—no need for an electrical outlet means you can use it anywhere.

Ergobaby lightweight stroller

Buying a new stroller for your growing family may be exciting but, frankly, overwhelming. Nowadays, there are so many types of baby gear available that it’s hard to choose one that will work best for you and your child. The Ergobaby lightweight stroller is perfect for parents who need an on-the-go option that’s easy to transport or store in tight spaces. It weighs just over 16 pounds and folds up easily with just one hand – a must-have feature for busy parents! Even better, it accommodates children from birth up to 50 pounds and comes in several color options – definitely a must-have item when considering parenting hacks!

Baby carrier

A baby carrier can make all of your day-to-day tasks easier, from grocery shopping to carrying laundry baskets. While some may prefer a traditional stroller, others are more comfortable using their hands while they’re on the go. A baby carrier is an item that allows you and your child to bond in ways not possible with other types of transportation. Best of all, there are plenty of options available for both parents and children alike—no matter what size or shape either might be! They are great for taking on walks together, running errands around town, or even traveling by plane. There’s nothing quite like having a child look up at you in admiration as she takes in her surroundings.

Hands-free breast pump

Most new moms aren’t sure whether they will be breastfeeding or formula feeding when they become pregnant. But once that baby arrives, there is little time to worry about which choice you made—you just have to make it work. One popular go-to gadget as a parent is a hands-free breast pump because you never know when your little one will want a snack, even while in the middle of sending an email for work. The Medela Hands-Free Breast Pump makes it so that you can multitask without having to hold onto something with one hand and feed your child with another.

There are plenty of gadgets out there that promise to make parenting easier, but not all of them deliver. These five gadgets offer helpful solutions that solve common issues and make your parenting duties a bit easier. If you’re looking for smart solutions in your parenting toolkit, consider getting anyone (or all) of these gadgets for yourself or as a gift for parents you know!

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