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Tips on Studying Smarter

Have you ever wondered how some people can get such good grades without much effort? It almost seems unfair when you work your butt off only to get a C when the next guy who never seems to study at all gets A’s all the time. If you too would like to get good grades without studying hard than you should probably focus on studying smarter rather than so hard. According to an article on Psychology Today, focusing on studying smarter versus harder can really pay off. The article goes on to discuss the two vital principals that you need to take into account when studying. These two principals are: spacing out your studies over time and testing yourself.

When you study it should be in bursts rather than lasting for hours. Also, if you test yourself regularly than you will be training your brain to remember it easier rather than testing yourself right after you studied it. In another article, it is recommended: making yourself a good study environment, setting goals, getting yourself in study mode, telling yourself learning is important, questioning yourself to be sure that you are getting it, and giving yourself a five-minute break for every twenty-five minutes of studying

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