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How Top Models Prepare for Fashion Shows

Every model knows that it is a big deal to have been selected to walk at a fashion show. Fashion shows are one of the most watched and anticipated events nowadays. The shows get better every year and so are the expectations. They are instantly broadcasted all around the world through the internet and social media. Models from different modelling agency, newbies and pros have various techniques on how they cope up with the pressure before and during the fashion show.Continue reading

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How to Be the Chicest Mom During Winter in 3 Easy Steps

The most rewarding job is also the busiest. Being a mom is incredible and you should definitely look the part. Of course, you may feel like there’s simply never enough time to actually put together a nice outfit and dress up. This winter, you can change all that. If you actually organize your wardrobe so that random combinations always look great and chic, you’ll be able to spice up your daily look without spending more time than you usually do on getting dressed. Take a look at these 3 easy steps and transform your winter style completely. Not only will you be a stylish mom, but you’ll feel confident and gorgeous as a woman as well.Continue reading

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Helping Your Daughter Plan for Prom

It feels like prom season is always just around the corner, and girls around the world look forward to celebrating their high school years with the formal party. One of the most exciting things for girls is that they can dress up in gorgeous prom dresses, have their makeup done, and even have their hair professionally styled.

Helping Your Daughter Plan for Prom

When you consider how dresses evolved throughout the years, it seems like the entire affair is getting more elaborate as the years go on. But it is a day for them to feel sensational. While you want your daughter to have the best time possible, you need to plan it to fit in with your budget. Here are some top tips for helping your daughter plan her prom.

1. Let’s Start with the Dress

The first thing you’ll have to do is to find the perfect dress. Everything is going to be based around the outfit: the hairstyle, the shoes, the jewelry, everything. If you feel like you won’t be able to cover everything, you should discuss with your daughter what the most important things to her are.

She may want the extravagant dress, or she may really want her hair and makeup done by a professional.  If it is the dress she has her heart set on, visit the Prom Dress Shop in Chicago for a choice of designer dresses. If she’d prefer to make an impression with her makeup and hair, then budget for those.

2. Consider Accessories and Jewelry

Typically, the dress does all the talking, but a couple of accessories can still set the entire ensemble off and give that “wow” factor. Help her decide on one or two main accessories, such as a bracelet and tiara. If she doesn’t want the tiara, you could afford more sparkly and impressive jewelry.

3. Don’t Forget the Transport

Transport to the prom typically happens in a luxury vehicle, such as a limo. Talk to your daughter and her friends about what they are doing, maybe you could split the cost with other parents to make it easier on all your pockets.

4. Plan for Makeup, Hair, and Beauty Treatments

Depending on your budget, you could book a professional makeup and hair stylist for your daughter. If it’s not within budget, encourage her to experiment on herself. Make sure you look at the portfolios of professionals you approach to ensure they can offer the style your daughter has her heart set on. You may also want to think about booking your daughter for a manicure, waxing, spray tan and eyelash tinting or extensions. Be sure to make your bookings in good time and with someone who has a good reputation.

Most importantly, do not feel pressured into spending thousands on your daughter’s prom night if it is way out of your budget. Follow these four tips and you are both sure to be thrilled with the outcome.

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How to Select Custom made dress for your Mom?

If it is your mother’s birthday, and if you are thinking about giving her some expensive gift items, then at some point of time, almost all gift items will look repeated, so it is better that you give her a custom made dress according to her body type, her complexion, her age, and her favorite color. There are many online stores which have a large catalogue for dresses that can be customized according to your option. You can simply choose the design, fabric, cut and color, and tell them about the size of the wearer, and then pay them trough debit or credit card. The custom made dress for your mom will reach your home instantly, and you can offer her a delicate surprise on her birthday or on her anniversary.

Custom made dress for mom

What are the top five custom-made dresses that you can choose for your mom?

You can choose from a wide range of dresses for your mom, but you must keep in mind the size and the print quality of the fabric, before you purchase the dress. Here is a list of 5 top dresses that can be custom made according to the occasion:

  • Gowns and A-line frocks: these can be made into a very attractive custom-made dress with stitching and floral prints that you can pick and choose. The A-line frocks work well for women who are little bit on the fatter side, and this dress does not have a plunging neckline, so the fat deposits can easily be camouflaged.
  • The two parts and skirt tops: skirts and tops can also be used as a custom made dress, and you must remember to measure the hemline when you order for the dress for your mom. The knee length skirts or pencil skirts can further be embellished with light knitting or double-patterned embroidery to make your mom look gorgeous and attractive.

Custom made dress mom and daughter

  • The pencil pants and the tube tops: If you are going to present a gorgeous makeover idea to your mom on her 50th birthday, then you can think about gifting her pencil pant with a tube top, as part of a custom made dress. This will work best especially if she has a svelte and lean figure. You can experiment with polka dots, necklines, arm frills and v-shaped shoulder cuttings for her dress.
  • The saris: saris are the best forms of drapery and you can easily do some custom designs and fabric colors or acrylic colors and block prints on the saris, so that the your mom looks gorgeous and most attractive in the 12 yard outfit. You can also experiment with intricate layers, patchworks, knitting and colored threads, when you want a sari to be made into a custom made dress.
  • The palazzos and the French tunics: if your mom is not tool old, and you want to gift her something that is out of the box then palazzos in urban pastel shades and light prints work well with dark-colored shirts. You can also gift her with French tunics to give more prominence to her looks and spirit.

Custom made dress

Factors to consider before you choose custom made dress for your mom:

  • Choose the occasion for which she is going to wear the type of dress that you are gifting her. If it is a wedding celebration, then you can make her an intricate dress, but if it is just a casual birthday party, something in lighter prints will do.
  • Choose the color and the texture of the fabric.
  • Considering your mom’s age is also important.

There are many online fashion stores from where you can choose your own design, cut and color to gift a custom made dress to your mom

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Starting the Business of Wholesale Women’s Dresses

Wholesaling is the sale of goods or merchandise to retailers, institutions, to industrial and other wholesalers. In other words, it is the sale of goods to anyone apart from a standard customer.

fashion model

Whenever it comes to selling the wholesale products, the dealers always choose dresses for women. That’s because these dresses are the most in demand and they are sold like hot cakes. This is the exact reason why you will find a number of stores that are offering clothes for women so that they can readily increase their income. 

If you are planning to do business of dresses for women, you must go for wholesale dresses. Starting from the girly dresses to the fancy dress costumes, you will have lots of categories to serve the audience with. 

You will not have to worry about finding a manufacturer because now these businesses are widely being operated and you can choose any manufacturer within your territory. You will find the dresses in different fabrics, materials, colors and texture. So, you can either deal in formal, casual or executive dresses.

girl in a long dress

Casual and formal dresses

So, before you choose a category, you need to understand what these dresses are used for. The ones that can be worn on a daily basis are short in length. You can make them formal too by choosing the designs and type of fabrics. For example, if you go for a shiny fabric, then you will have a dress ready for formal party. 

Apart from the formal small dresses, you will also find the evening dresses that are long. As the evening occasions are formal, the dresses that are required are long. Cocktail gowns and long tail maxis are some of the examples. Such dresses make you look beautiful and chic for the night event. If these kinds of dresses are worn with the right accessories, then you are going to enjoy an enhanced look. 

Designer wear

The best thing is that if you are in search of designer wear but you have a short budget, then other dresses are available too. The demand for the replies is sky high. Many ladies want to wear the celebrity styled designer clothes but because they have budget constraints, they are ready to even purchase the replicas. 

girl in long dressYou simply have to look for a supplier that can provide you the first copy of the designer dresses. The quality and stitching should be premium so that your client is willing to pay a good price for it. 

This business is going to be of great success for you. The only work you have to put in is choosing a supplier of high quality replicas that are convincing for the clients. 

Now that you know what type of dresses for women you want to sell, you must now look for information about how to start this business. You might need professional assistance in this regard so don’t hesitate in finding some help because your success depends on it. This will make it easy for you to get started with your business, attract customers and make sales. This business will let you make lots of profits if everything goes successfully.

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5 Tips to Buy Bridal Lingerie

All girls put enough of hard work and prior research while investing for their D-day outfit. Not only the wedding dress but also jewelry, hair style and makeup are also looked upon with outmost care. But what most of them neglect are their undergarments or lingerie. Bad-fitted lingerie can spoil your entire D-day look and make its presence felt in all of your wedding pictures. So, you need to give fraction of your stern attention in this field. Now what you should do?

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

1. Check and match

As soon as your wedding dress is tailor ready focus on your online lingerie shopping. Carefully analyze your wedding dress and decide which one is accurately complementing your dress and then spot that ultimate one. Also do not buy a single piece as it will get worn out after a few uses and you will also get alternate choices to wear. Buy at least 3-5 sets that will go well with all your attires. Bras are never wasted, so buying a few extra doesn’t matter that much.  

2. Plan early

If you neglect your inner garments and leave them for a final moment buy then it won’t co-operate with your inner comfort. Because inner garments require utmost care and prior research while shopping. So, a last moment buy is not a thing which it deserves. Plan early and get the best one for your comfort.

3. Go for net and floral motifs

During and after marriage, inner garments gain certain level of visual importance. It is no longer restricted to comfort and best fit, it needs to look good and sexy. So, do not settle over any ordinary bra and panty. Select those which have intricate floral works and net base. It’s not just about your comfort while buying lingerie but the taste of your partner also matters a lot. So, a combination of your taste and partners choice is must to be considered while Amante lingerie coupons shopping.

4. Red is your color

Nothing augments your hot quotient than the vermilion red, the color of love, fertility and passion. So, while shopping for bridal lingerie concentrate more over those blood red and tomato red bras. Apart from red, you can also play with whites, especially if they come in lace format and black as well.

5. Shop online

Online lingerie outlets, one which deals exclusively with lingerie have a comprehensive collection of bridal lingerie, even more than any other stores. It has variety in designs, cup size, colors and presence of various national and international brands. So, you can easily sit in-front of your laptop and shop in ease and at the same time save much of your valuable time before wedding. Numerous sites also have discount coupons, like Pretty Secrets coupons which give lucrative discounts. You can avail that too.

So, with this much tips in mind, plan for your bridal lingerie and buy the perfect pair to support and comfort your feminine and sensitive assets. If you need to know more about your size and cups then go for a measurement session, which you can also get online in these retail sites.

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12 Popular Engagement Ring Designs

People are always on the lookout for out-of-the-ordinary engagement rings. Thankfully, there are several options available today.


If you’re a nontraditional bride hunting for a unique engagement ring, there are a plenty of available options. From vintage designs and colorful center stones to the mixed metal settings, the choices are endless. While a simple solitaire ring could be a classic choice, you may just want to be different with colorful dazzlers.

We have lined up some unique engagement rings design for women that can turn all eyes.

Floral accents

Engagement rings are blooming with vines, flowers and petals, and other accents plucked straight from the garden. A diamond vine climbing up the ring band adds a whimsical touch to it.

Colorful diamonds

A colorful diamond is easily the ideal choice, if you want to tread the non-traditional path. Pink and yellow fancy hued diamonds stand out among the crowd. For a bolder statement, try the ultramodern black or chocolate diamond.


Colorful gems

If you want a colorful centre stone, you don’t need to go for a diamond rings design for women. Sapphire could be a great alterative to the pink and yellow diamonds, while emeralds and rubies emit an instant positive vibe. Stones with multidimensional color, like the alexandrite, give a cool color changing effect.  

Square bands

Engagement rings with a square band look absolutely sleek. They are also more comfortable to wear than their rounded counterparts. Square edges don’t constrict or pain your fingers.

Mixed metal halos


Undecided whether you want rose gold, yellow gold, or platinum? Never mind, just mix them all. A detailed rose gold halo can give the white gold ring its moment of upgrade.

Colorful accent stones

Consider colorfully accented stones if you are still unprepared to commit to a centre stone but still want your engagement rings design for your loved ones to look special. Fancy sapphires and diamonds on the band can give the ring a more vibrant feel.

Vintage designs

Take inspiration from the vintage inspired trends and consider a Victorian or art deco flair ring. You can never go wrong with an engagement ring having an heirloom quality. It’s both timeless and glamorous.


Rose gold

The feminine rose shade flatters all skins. And that’s the reason why pink gold is staging a comeback.

Elaborate side views

Intricate detailing on the sides of your engagement ring band means it will look brilliant from all angles. Consider a monogrammed profile setting to get a more personalized feel. You can add a sentimental touch without being too obvious.


Three-stone settings

The three-stone setting is the perfect combination of symbolism and sparkle. It’s also often known as the trilogy or trinity of rings. The three diamonds represent past, present, and future.

Marquise-cut and pear-shaped

A round-cut diamond is easily the most popular centre stone in engagement rings design for women. But marquise cut pear-shaped diamonds are staging a comeback. These tapered cuts can instantly slim, elongating its fingers.


Split shank

There can’t be anything better than a pave band which splits in two. It’s twice the prettier and gives engagement rings that architectural feel.

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How to Dress in Your Workplace

What you should wear to work greatly depends on where you work and what dress code is preferred. Some offices insist on traditionally professional clothes, while others don’t. The general rule is that you are expected to look sharp and professional in any case. If you want to express your individuality and style and get out of lifeless office attire, a trend called business casual is the way to go.

Business casual is somewhere in the middle between very formal and casual, but the spectrum is large. Normally, you can mix traditional office clothing with more relaxed pieces and add a personal touch, while still keeping the business look.

The best way to build your work wardrobe is to get all the essential pieces and make smart combinations. Here is our checklist and some suggestions.

woman pants


When you find the perfect pants, you are half way there. They should always be sharp and professional, with a slim, bootcut or trouser silhouette, and in solid colours. In case jeans are allowed, stick to dark washes or black jeans. Avoid any prints and embellishments, striped or checkered pants and bright colours. You can combine classic work pants with a matching jacket and pumps or boots, and you’ll have more room for colour and style with your blouse.


The Blouse

A basic blouse is a staple in any woman’s work wardrobe, and you should choose something in solid colours or very simple prints. Building around your white, pink and baby blue blouses is a great start. You can layer them with a cardigan, a blazer or a jacket. You can wear them tucked in with dark jeans for a more casual look and get more colourful if your workplace allows it.

work dress for woman

Skirts and Dresses

Skirts and dresses are a great alternative to the work pants. An elegant pencil skirt can be worn with shirts, blouses, cardigans and blazers. Work dresses are the perfect choice to express your femininity and corporate chic. They are usually short sleeved or sleeveless and worn with a blazer. Both skirts and dresses can be worn with flats and pumps, or boots in the winter. Depending on the situation and the season, go for bright or darker tones, but always choose something toned down.



Nothing emphasizes the professional look more than a work suit, and it can be a pants suit or a skirt suit. Suits provide you with many more options than it might seem at first. You can wear them as matching sets with an interesting blouse, or you can split them into separates and combine jackets with different skirts for example, which gives you plenty of room for creativity especially if you move out of the monochromatic scheme.

Blazers and Jackets

Blazers and Jackets

These are also staple pieces in your work wardrobe, and you should probably have a wide selection of them from basic to business. If your office prefers a formal dress code, a universal structured blazer with one or two buttons will be perfect. If you have more room to be casual, you can go for an unstructured silhouettes, soft jackets, or longer looser jackets for a fashion statement. You can even wear a cropped blazer if it matches well with a work dress for example.

Remember to always wear something that fits you well, and flatters your body shape. If you really want to add a personal touch to your work clothing, do it via accessories and jewelry, but never go overboard. It is all about combining well and matching colours. 

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History of the First Cultivation for Woman – Make Pearls

The very first cultured pearl was developed and was an achievement that was amazing since it created the industry we know today; the industry of cultured pearls.


Cultured Pearls

Then in 1905 off the coast of Japan the cultured spherical Akoya pearl was developed. This was all because ofthe research of Kokichi Mikimoto and the Japanese Akoya oysters.

Akoya oysters

These prime Akoya oysters come from the water off Japan; live in shoals in the depth of water 1 to 5 meters with calm and mild temperatures of 15 to 23 degrees Celsius and few large waves that are usually seen in sea areas.

Perfect climate

These perfect climates of this area points to the production of pearls with luster that is brilliant and colors that are rich. The Akoya pearl has qualities and are known for its brilliant colors ranging from:

  • White
  • Cream
  • Silver
  • Pink

They are available in the market at sizes from 3 to 10 mm.


These oysters have the ability and consistency to produce near-perfect round culture pearls making them the perfect gems to adorn some of the world’s finest jewelry.

First women-made

Kokichi Mikimoto successfully created the world’s first pearl that was perfect and these lustrous and pure gems were called the mikimoto pearls for the woman who was the guiding force in development. The mikimoto pearls are also known as the Akoya pearls.

From this first perfectly round pearl was a major achievement in being the first pearl grown by woman.

Today, thesepearls are the foremost producer of the finest quality of cultured pearls as well as the world’s leader in the designing of jewelry. The name Mikimoto is identical with superior quality work at every stage.

Mikimoto is one of the finest producers of Akoya pearls in the world and is recognized widely as the most prestigious pearl retailer in the industry.

Mikimoto Island

Akoya pearl has a special place in the heart of those living on the islandofMikimoto as it was the pearl with which Kokichi Mikimoto first began his pearl cultivation enterprise to produce the pearls that are of the highest quality. These pearls are amazing and are known as the Japanese Akoya pearls; succeeded in creating these well-known cultured pearls and began the first pearl cultivation enterprise.

Akoya Pearl

The Akoya pearl developed as the brand Mikimoto and remains a pure symbol of elegance and beauty. This was the beginning of the cultured pearl industry as known today. These were first known as the Japanese Akoya pearl but are now referred to as the Akoya pearl.

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Essential Things to Know about Brazilian Keratin Treatment for your Hair

If you have been praying to god every morning to make your hair naturally untangled and spare you form the hassles of shampooing and conditioning them every morning then it means you have really difficult hair situation. If your hair is vulnerable to humidity like a lot of other people then no matter the type of conditioners, shampoos, or oils you try, none of them seem to have any long lasting effect. Although there are many TV commercials that claim to have the best product for untangling your hair, the truth is that most of them do not work (at least not for a very long time.) This means that you are left with very few options. Thankfully there is Brazilian keratin treatment which has proven very effective.

A lot of people who have been struggling with messy hair for a long time say that keratin treatment has come as a blessing to them. Over the years, this Brazilian keratin treatment has emerged as a very effective and safe hair treatment. This treatment will not only detangle your hair strands but will also help in straightening them. Also, it will make your hair look shinier and glossier. If you have used other products and failed, you must give this treatment a try.

What exactly is Keratin?

Knowing a little bit about keratin will make you more confident about its effectiveness. Keratin is the protein that primarily contributes to the structure of your hair. The way a good quality clothing item requires the good quality fabric, exactly in the same way the quality of your hair depends a great deal upon the keratin. While many the other hair products can only claim to give the results you desire, this treatment has proven its merit time and again.

Does Brazilian Keratin Treatment harm your hair?

There was a time when experts and scientists had raised doubts about its usefulness and had also said that it could potentially harm your hair. It included certain chemicals that had shown certain side effects. The truth is that all these claims by the scientists were not totally unfounded. Earlier, this treatment made use of the chemical compound called formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a carcinogen and it can affect your hair as well as the scalp. Also, during the treatment process, the fumes containing carcinogen were released. Carcinogen is the same compound which is released by a burning cigarette. Therefore, while going through the treatment there were high chances of inhaling it.

But the manufacturers of the Brazilian keratin treatment understood the detrimental effects of formaldehyde and ensured that the newly manufactured products do not include it. So, there are many high quality products available that do not harm you anymore.

What’s really good about keratin treatment?

The keratin treatment products include the elements that have natural condition properties. These elements make sure that your hair gets the required nutrients. It also gets the supply of keratin protein which it has lost over time. The treatment products are also rich in antioxidants which ensures that your hair always stays silky, smooth, and soft.