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Eye Care Tips for Working Mothers

Eyes are the windows to our heart. So many expressions get conveyed through our eyes. One look and the opposite person understand what you are trying to convey. Our eyes are the first thing that others notice when they talk to us. So don’t you think that you should take proper care of them? This becomes more applicable especially when you are working. Dust, pollution, dirt, grime – everything can play havoc with our eyes. And to top it all, the constant exposure to the computer screen can do more harm than good.

As a working mother, you have to multi-task. You are left with very little time to take care of yourself. However, you can take out 5 minutes from your busy schedule and follow the following eye care tips:

  • Prepare an eye rinse of rose water. Take a bowl, pour some rose water and dip a cotton pad in it. Keep it overnight. Next morning strain the rose water and add enough plain water to it. Now wash your eyes with this potion on a daily basis. This potion acts as a stress buster and will give you a cool and soothing feel.
  • Take castor oil and rose water to create a mixture. Soak two cotton pads in it. Now place these cotton pads over your eyelids for minimum 10 to 15 minutes. This mixture is a great treatment for eye burns and other eye ailments.
  • Splash your eyes with tea-solution once a week. It helps to soothe tired eyes.
  • Put cucumber slices onto the eye lids. They help in eliminating dark circles.
  • Don’t forget to remove your eye makeup once you return from the party. No matter how tired you are, always clean your eyes of the makeup applied. Keeping them overnight can lead to infections and eye ailments.
  • Change your eye makeup products every 2-3 months. Even if the product is left and you can use it for the next 6 months, it is best to replace them instead of using them for nearly 1 year and so.

Extra Tips:

Clean your Contacts:

So what if you don’t wear contact lenses on a daily basis. You should always clean them on a daily basis. Dirt and impurities can easily accumulate on them which can lead to irritation and allergic reactions.

Make sure that the contact lenses box is clean and is filled with the solution. Never store your lenses in the box without adequate solution. This can harm the quality of the lenses and affect your vision as well.

Follow Healthier Diet:

There is no alternative to good and healthy diet. Your regular diet must comprise of food items rich in vitamins, minerals, nutrients and proteins. Green leafy vegetable, carrot and other food items that is high in Vitamin A, K and niacin, vitamin B1.

However, if you are having eye issues that are affecting your normal vision or you are experiencing pain, it is advisable that you visit an eye specialist immediately. Normally one should opt for an eye check up twice a year. In that case joining Optician Program organized by reputed Ophthalmology Practice Management Consultant would be much helpful.

Don’t let anything affect your eye sight.  After all “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder!”

The above article has been written by Francisca Straut. She is a health and beauty expert, writer & blogger by profession. She loves to write and share article in the web about health and wellness tips.

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