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5 Amazing Things you can do for Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is getting closer and closer, and you’re probably already thinking about things to do with your significant other. You’re looking for gifts to buy and ways to make this day remarkable, and that’s how you discovered this article. In that case, read on, but remember – you’re the only one to know for sure what the best option may be. All we can do is give some suggestions and propose ideas you never thought of so far.

1). Let him/her organize everything, without involving you in the planning part

Ok, so, you haven’t even started the planning, and here we are, suggesting that you opt out entirely. That’s unheard of, isn’t it? Well, even though it may seem like an easy way out, or, even worse, like the behavior of a person who doesn’t care enough about their significant other, bear with us, the logical explanation is coming. First of all, you should only let them organize everything if you both agreed on it beforehand. Because, while you are here, reading this article thinking what you might do on Valentine’s Day, your significant other might already have a great idea. Maybe they want to surprise you by taking you somewhere you wanted to go for a long time. Maybe they want to do a series of surprising things that day, and if so, let them. Once more, we need to say that this idea is only valid if previously discussed and agreed upon by both partner. You shouldn’t get angry at them if they don’t throw you a surprise party just because you read about that possibility online. All we’re saying is – if your “special someone” suggests that they organize the whole thing, just let them. It might turn out to be the perfect thing

2). Recreate your first date

Have you ever heard of those reenactment clubs, the ones that create the perfect scenery and historically accurate costumes to bring a historic event back to life? You probably did, and they all reenact an important moment of history. Another thing they have in common is: they all love the era that they’re reenacting. So, be like them! You must love the memory of the early days of your relationship, and you probably think it’s an important event in your life. If you still have the clothes you wore on that first date, even better! This is an especially appealing option for people who are in long term relationships or maybe even married. It will make your relationship feel fresh, and bringing up all those memories will make the bond between the two of you even stronger.

3). Do something you’ve never done so far

Now, here’s an entirely different suggestion. Doing things you’ve never done so far, whether alone or with other people, is a new experience that forces you leave your comfort zone. Like all the events of this nature, it can boost your energy and your adrenaline levels. We’re not suggesting you go bungee jumping (though that’s a great choice too!) – but going to a club and staying out till dawn will do too, especially if it’s a club you never went to before and you’re generally not the one to stay up all night. Doing something will not only create new memories for you and your significant other, it will also strengthen the bond between the two of you. Remember those adrenaline levels we mentioned above? Well, they don’t only increase in an entirely new situation, they also increase when you first fall in love. So, by increasing them in the company of your special someone, you let your brain know that there’s passion involved between the two of you. What a great way to boost your feelings if your relationship has been in a rut lately, right?

4). Take a short trip out of town

Here’s another thing you can do to strengthen the bond between the two of you. Find a magical couple’s retreat, and treat yourself and your significant other to a spa day, breakfast in bed, room service, Jacuzzi baths, and all the other pampering experiences that couple’s retreats have to offer.  Enjoy not only the relaxing atmosphere and scenery, but also the time you will get to spend with the person you love. In your daily lives, you both probably have too much obligations and duties to be with each other all the time. Having other things to do is perfectly normal, in fact it’s even healthy for your relationship, but every once in awhile, you need to shut down everything else and be with them, in the present moment. Don’t forget to turn off your phones and your computers, and shut off all the other distractions you may face even if you elope.

5). Pizza & Movies night on your couch

Wow, this one doesn’t really sound romantic or glamorous, does it? True, it doesn’t, especially not when compared to the tip given right above. But, you know what, at times, you know that this is just the kind of night you need. Maybe you’ve both been too busy to just spend some quality time together. Maybe you’re just too tired to do anything else and you want to do is just relax and enjoy the time spent in your own home. And finally, when you’re in a long term relationship, most of the days you spend with your significant other are not going to be glamorous, but if you love the other person, you should learn to see something special and romantic in every moment that you spend together. This way of looking at your relationship will help you last longer as a couple. We are by no means suggesting that romance can’t be found in dressing up and dining out in an exclusive restaurant, because it can. But we’re definitely suggesting that you should be able to find it in your kitchen wearing your comfy clothes too. And maybe you should use this Valentine’s Day to learn how to something special in every little thing in your relationship, not just in those glamorous dates.

In the introduction, we stated that you’re the only one who can decide on the right thing to do for Valentine’s Day. There’s no right answer, no wrong answer, as all these activities may at one point be the right thing in any relationship. After we listed these five very different ideas, we will give you the last piece of advice, the crucial one: how do you decide? How can you know what’s the right thing to do? Well, it’s easier than you thought, and you already know it. When you read this list, maybe you liked all the ideas, but you were instantly drawn only to one of them. That’s the thing to do. And finally, reading through this list maybe made you realize that you don’t want to do any of the above, but it made you think of something else, something you definitely want to do. Whatever you choose, if our choice comes from your heart, you’ll know that it was the right thing.

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