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12 Popular Engagement Ring Designs

People are always on the lookout for out-of-the-ordinary engagement rings. Thankfully, there are several options available today.

If you’re a nontraditional bride hunting for a unique engagement ring, there are a plenty of available options. From vintage designs and colorful center stones to the mixed metal settings, the choices are endless. While a simple solitaire ring could be a classic choice, you may just want to be different with colorful dazzlers.

We have lined up some unique engagement rings design for women that can turn all eyes.

Floral accents

Engagement rings are blooming with vines, flowers and petals, and other accents plucked straight from the garden. A diamond vine climbing up the ring band adds a whimsical touch to it.

Colorful diamonds

A colorful diamond is easily the ideal choice, if you want to tread the non-traditional path. Pink and yellow fancy hued diamonds stand out among the crowd. For a bolder statement, try the ultramodern black or chocolate diamond.

Colorful gems

If you want a colorful centre stone, you don’t need to go for a diamond rings design for women. Sapphire could be a great alterative to the pink and yellow diamonds, while emeralds and rubies emit an instant positive vibe. Stones with multidimensional color, like the alexandrite, give a cool color changing effect.

Square bands

Engagement rings with a square band look absolutely sleek. They are also more comfortable to wear than their rounded counterparts. Square edges don’t constrict or pain your fingers.

Mixed metal halos

Undecided whether you want rose gold, yellow gold, or platinum? Never mind, just mix them all. A detailed rose gold halo can give the white gold ring its moment of upgrade.

Colorful accent stones

Consider colorfully accented stones if you are still unprepared to commit to a centre stone but still want your engagement rings design for your loved ones to look special. Fancy sapphires and diamonds on the band can give the ring a more vibrant feel.

Vintage designs

Take inspiration from the vintage inspired trends and consider a Victorian or art deco flair ring. You can never go wrong with an engagement ring having an heirloom quality. It’s both timeless and glamorous.

Rose gold

The feminine rose shade flatters all skins. And that’s the reason why pink gold is staging a comeback.

Elaborate side views

Intricate detailing on the sides of your engagement ring band means it will look brilliant from all angles. Consider a monogrammed profile setting to get a more personalized feel. You can add a sentimental touch without being too obvious.

Three-stone settings

The three-stone setting is the perfect combination of symbolism and sparkle. It’s also often known as the trilogy or trinity of rings. The three diamonds represent past, present, and future.

Marquise-cut and pear-shaped

A round-cut diamond is easily the most popular centre stone in engagement rings design for women. But marquise cut pear-shaped diamonds are staging a comeback. These tapered cuts can instantly slim, elongating its fingers.

Split shank

There can’t be anything better than a pave band which splits in two. It’s twice the prettier and gives engagement rings that architectural feel.

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