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5 Tips to Help Dress Your Newborn Baby in Style

The best newborn baby clothes are designed to keep your infant safe and cozy. The same comfortable clothing can also be cute and stylish. Check out these fashion tips for families as you shop for newborn clothing. The advice you receive will help you dress your baby in adorable, trendsetting outfits. While you love how your child looks in their clothing, you will also enjoy how easy it is to dress and change them.

1. Create Cozy Layers 

Layers of clothing can help create stylish outfits for kids of all ages. Begin with a cozy cotton first layer for your newborn. Cotton is an excellent choice because it keeps your baby comfortable and wicks moisture. Choose an infant top or a one-piece that is versatile enough for playing or napping. A long sleeve side-snap shirt or a short sleeve bodysuit will help to keep your child warm and dry. You can find these garments in various fun prints and blank colors. Next, choose baby bottoms. Some of the most popular selections in baby boy clothes include knit joggers and stretchy active pants. Newborn girls will look adorable in soft leggings and pull-on pants.

Add a cute sweater or jacket once you complete your baby’s first layer of clothing. If it is cold outside, you can include a scarf or a coat. All babies need help to stay warm, so consider a cap or a pair of mittens. Infant skorts and tutus can be a fun extra layer for a newborn girl. Finish your child’s outfit with cotton no-slip socks featuring animal designs or adorable patterns.

2. Shop for Rich Textures and Colors 

Your baby’s outfit will look elevated when it includes bold colors and luxe textures. Remember: clothing does not have to be too bright or whimsical to be trend-forward. Instead, focus on choosing hues and fabrics that make you and your baby feel great when they wear them. Dark gray and chocolate brown look timeless on baby boys. Some of the best colors in baby girl clothes include golden yellow and plum purple. If you are searching for color templates for baby neutral clothing, try sunny yellow and aqua.

Chunky knit sweaters are soft on a newborn’s skin and help to keep them warm. They are also fashionable. Layer one with a pair of leggings and a long sleeve top for an effortlessly adorable look. Shirred or smocked fabrics can add playfulness to spring and summer baby clothes. Velour and ribbed knit material add a trendy feel and help to keep your newborn warm in fall and winter. Other choices in rich textures include chenille and terry cloth. At the same time, all newborns look adorable in clothing made with crinkled finished cotton.

3. Include Cute Baby Accessories

After you find the proper layers and textures for your clothing, it is time to include some cute and classic accessories for babies. A few fun accents will add depth to your child’s outfit. Along with newborn caps and mittens that help keep the baby warm, you can add bows and headbands. Furry and puffy vests are adorable in the colder months of the year.

Baby booties help to insulate and protect your baby’s feet. Knit shoes featuring cute animal ears and faces will add instant personality to your newborn’s ensemble. Some booties and shoes are even made to look like footwear for big kids. The accents you choose will depend on the style of your outfit. When dressing your infant in formalwear, suspenders or a bowtie are excellent choices in accessories. Add a pop of color to neutral suits and pants sets with navy blue or red shades.

4. Make Outfits with Bodysuits 

Bodysuits are one of the best clothing choices for newborns. Snap bottoms and an expandable lap shoulder neckline make it easy to change and dress your child. One-pieces, like Gerber Onesies® bodysuits, also make for an excellent first layer. They come in plenty of blank colors and neutral shades, but you will also find adorable prints and classic patterns.

Start by choosing a theme for your infant’s ensemble, like flowers or stripes. Then, match a printed bodysuit with a blank pair of leggings or joggers. Add a zip-up hoodie or cardigan on top. Complete the look with a cap or a cute headband along with socks with booties.

5. Buy Newborn Outfit Sets 

If you like the look of newborn clothing from a specific store, check to see if they have complete outfit sets. These cute and carefully curated bundles make it easy to create something stylish. Some of the most popular packs for baby boys include long sleeve or short sleeve bodysuits with matching pull-on pants. Try a long sleeve shirt and jogger pants set with a matching cap.

Little guys also look adorable in animal hoodies and athletic pants. Coveralls with matching mittens and baby hats are comfortable and fashionable enough for naps and indoor playdates. Gowns that come with matching caps and mittens look sweet and sophisticated in complementary patterns and colors.

Creating a Cute and Comfy Look for Your Baby Ś

When it comes to newborn baby clothing, your child will always look adorable. You can help to keep them comfortable and stylish all day long with fun fashions and trendsetting looks. First, focus on appealing to the senses with color and texture. Next, choose pieces that make it convenient and straightforward to dress your child. With some planning, you will have a set of cute outfits that will look great throughout the first few months.

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