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5 Tips To Help You Get The Best Women’s Walking Shoes

Getting a good walking shoe is necessary if you wish to enjoy a pleasant stroll in the evening or a quick walk early morning. But for most women, choosing a good pair of walking shoes can be a difficult task since there are just too many options available in the market. And if you are one of them, then the tips below should help you choose the correct walking shoes.


The first thing to consider is the flatness of the shoe. Ideally, the walking shoes must have a flat surface without any high heels. At best, the heels should only be about one inch in height. Excessive height in heels can make walking very uncomfortable. This is especially true since walking is an activity where you strike the ground first with the heel. As such, if there is too much height, then the front section of the foot will come down to the ground rather awkwardly.


It is also necessary that you look into the soles of the shoe. If the sole looks like it is supporting the arch while allowing the feet to rest without any complication, then that definitely indicates that the shoe will be comfortable to wear. In fact, when the toes and heel come into contact with the surface, a shoe which has too rigid a sole will make you feel pretty uncomfortable.

Flex At The Front

Make sure that the walking shoe you purchase is very flexible. Take it in your hands and try twisting them. If they can be easily twisted, then you can be pretty sure that they are flexible too. And the reason this is very important is simple. When walking, the front section of your feet will bend when it comes into contact with the surface. As such, if the shoe itself is not very flexible, you will be greatly discomforted by this.

Arch Support

A very important requirement of a walking shoe is good arch support. If you use shoes that do not have arch support, then you will start experiencing pain in the side sections of the feet.  This is why you should avoid shoes which have no arch support. So, make sure to measure your arch perfectly so as to pick the perfect arch support shoe. Such shoes are usually available in low, high, and neutral arch support sizes.

Toe Space

Finally, you should check whether the shoe has been designed in a way that is comfortable to the toes. Many times, the front section of the shoe might be too angular that the toes get cramped. And when you wear such shoes for a long period of time, then not only will you start feeling pain but even your walking style will start to change.

So, check for the above factors when you are out shopping for walking shoes, and you will have an easier time selecting the best one. As seen on picking the right walking shoe is extremely important.

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