A kid’s birthday party should be a special event, for both the parents and the kids. However, taking on the responsibility of planning it yourself can be overwhelming and dreadful. From choosing a theme to deciding how many people to invite, planning a party can seem to overshadow the entire reason for the event to begin with. Have you ever considered having a professional company plan your child’s party? Many people seem to be making a shift from self-planning to professional planned events in order to not only take the load off, but to also open up their options for party ideas.Why not throw a super hero party in the style of your kids favourite superhero or combine ideas for a Batman vs Superman theme!


Allowing a professional to plan a kids birthday party enables parents to become a part of the festivities. Too many times the parent carries the burden of the menial tasks associated with being the planner instead of enjoying the laughter, joy and memories that their child will carry with them throughout their entire lives. Most busy parents would love to do it all, but time simply does not allow for that. Choosing to let a professional take care of the details frees up precious time that could be better spent making memories. Check out this handy party budget estimator for help budgeting your party!

kid birthday party

Another benefit of allowing a professional company to plan a kids birthday party would be the options that come with the professionals. Parents typically have limited options as to a party theme due to lack of choices at the stores, heavy expenses that break the budget, and some parents lack of creativity. Any of these are legitimate reasons to allow a professional to plan your party. The professionals know how to work within a budget, have lots of themed options as well as take on the responsibility of being creative.

Probably the most overlooked part of planning a party is the clean up! Who thinks about cleaning up from a party when they are planning it? That is usually the last thing someone considers as they begin the planning process. Of course, unless you are the one who will be doing the cleaning. Again, why not let a professional do the dirty work? Kidz360 in Toronto is a great example of local company (for those who live in the west end near The Junction, Bloor West and High Park communities) that specializes in offering birthday party packages for kids. They will do all the planning, work and cleaning, you just need to bring the guests! If don’t happen to live in Toronto, you can stop by their website to get some great birthday party ideas for your youngsters.


Overall the idea of hiring a professional to plan a kids birthday party is sounding very tempting. The only concern now is to decide which professional company to hire. Keep in mind that anyone can call themselves a professional, but not all are actually experts. It is important to hire someone who knows and works with children all the time. You will be glad you went with the right company so that your kid’s birthday party will become a great and lasting memory without all the hassle. After all, a child is only a child for so long.