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10 Student Birthday Gift Ideas From a Teacher

Teachers are responsible for taking care of the students in their classroom and helping them understand any topics they cover. The relationships you form with your students are ones they can carry with them for the rest of their lives, which is why we want to help you find the best gifts. Whether you work with kids in elementary, middle, or high school, you can find ways to reach out to them. An easy way to show you care is by giving birthday gifts.

If you worry about spending too much out of your already tight budget, don’t fret. We found 10 great student birthday gifts that’ll fit your budget.

1. Funny Socks

Are you afraid to give clothing as gifts because you don’t know what size to buy? Go with funny socks. It’s easy to pick one size that fits students with a range of shoe sizes. You might choose colorful pairs printed with doughnuts, other yummy treats or a design that kids will want to show off to their friends. One of our favorites is the “Shh… I’m Overthinking Socks” that let the birthday student know they need to take a break and stop thinking so much.

2. Birthday Pencils

Introverts often struggle in school because they dislike speaking up and sharing their opinions. They may even get nervous when you call on them in class. Let them know that you notice them with our Pencils for Introverts set. The set includes eight standard No. 2 pencils with funny sayings that older kids will love. You can give one student the whole set or break the set into eight separate gits.

3. Journal

The benefits of keeping a journal include reducing stress and improving mental health. While you can give the gift of a basic journal, A Billion Random Acts of Kindness is a little more fun and unique. Each page inside offers a different suggestion for giving back to others or performing a random act of kindness. The pages also have space for students to write about their feelings after they perform one of those acts. We think that older kids will love these journals.

4. Sticky Notes

Kids of all ages occasionally feel like they can’t handle some of the things they face in school. Do you remember worrying about how other students thought about you or how to prepare for a big test? We want your students to know they can handle anything they face, so we recommend these sticky notes. Each note has “I Got This” in big letters across the top. They have adhesive on the back to help them stick to any surface, such as a notebook or desk.

5. Seed Bombs

Are you on the hunt for the perfect birthday gifts that students can use at home rather than at school? With seed bombs, they get a special activity they can do later with their parents. They come in small packets and have multiple seeds inside. Your students will love planting the seeds at home and watching their new flowers grow. We think students will get a kick out of our Grow Peace Seed Ball Pack. It comes with planting instructions and five seed balls inside.

6. Birthday Cards

A study from 2021 found that teachers spend an average of $750 on classroom supplies every year. We know how much you want to save money on gifts for your students, so we suggest you stick to a simple gift like a birthday card. If you want to add a special touch to the card, check out our Crush Your Goals Quote Cards. The set features 40 quotes that can improve students’ confidence and help them realize they can face anything.

7. Puzzle

Puzzles help you focus on one task and can improve your clarity and memory. You’ll find tons of puzzles that students of all ages love. Instead of buying a simple puzzle, why not pick up a puzzle kit? Once they put all the pieces together, they can use the included glue to create a permanent decoration for their home. The Narwhal Puzzle and Glue Kit is a fun option that places all the pieces in a gorgeous jar with a wood lid.

8. Board Game

Kids love board games because they’re a fun activity to do with their friends and family. It’s easy to choose a game that matches the age level of the student, too. Say Yes to the Chess Game Set is a fun option that students can use in the classroom and when they get home. It comes with a small board in yellow and white along with a full set of chess pieces and instructions that teach how to play the game.

9. Insulated Tumblers

As a high school teacher, you know that older students usually don’t appreciate the same gifts as younger kids. That doesn’t mean you need to spend a lot of time looking for gifts — they’ll love drinkware like insulated tumblers. Students who play sports will love that they can carry cold water in a new way to stay hydrated. Other students might appreciate that they can bring hot or cold drinks with them to school. We highly recommend the Day Off Tumbler from Kinto because it holds 17 ounces of liquid and comes in multiple colors.

10. Paint-by-Number Kits

Paint-by-number kits are no longer just for kids. Lots of sets are suitable for both teenagers and adults. Teach your students about architecture when you give them our Frank Lloyd Wright Paint by Number set as a gift. It comes with a black-and-white drawing that features one of his most famous pieces. Your students will love that they can follow the instructions and numbers to create a piece of art suitable for framing.

Treat Your Students

Celebrating your students’ birthdays puts you on the path to becoming one of their most beloved teachers. Students remember their favorite teachers for years and think about the lessons they learned from them. With these 10 student birthday gift ideas from a teacher, you can find the perfect gifts for your class.

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