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DIY Guide to Creating a Diaper Cake on a Budget

Diaper cakes are a great baby shower decoration, but they also make for great baby shower gifts. With the state of the economy the way it is, though, who can afford to buy one? Just as with any gift, when it comes from the heart and is handmade, it’s far more special. And cost effective. Here’s how to make your own diaper cake and it’s sure to be just as cute as anything you’ve seen. It’s easy too!

Coming Up With the Plan

The first step is to determine what sort of cake you want to make. Do you want something short and simple? Or perhaps an ultra-layer cake? No matter what kind of cake you feel like making, you should start with a photo. Find something online that you like the look of and follow our simple steps to make a cake that’s sure to be a hit.

The below instructions outline how to make a diaper cake of three tiers. This is an impressive, beautiful, and cost-effective option that really isn’t that hard to build. If you can tie a bow and open diaper boxes, you can make this cake.

Supplies for the Diaper Cake

The basic supplies for this cake are:

  • Small rubber bands
  • Tape
  • Diapers
  • Large rubber bands
  • Card board
  • Ribbons
  • Pacifiers
  • Bows in pink or baby blue
  • Small stuffed toys
  • Any other cute small baby items to decorate the cake with.

Time To Get Started

The first decision you will need to make when creating the diaper cake, like the nappy cakes by Baby Gift Box, is how big it is going to be and what size diapers you want to use. Three tier cakes are really cute and can use different size diapers for each level. However, you can also use the same size diapers for each of the three levels. If you choose to use different size diapers, you can purchase a large box of each size. If you opt for using all the same size diapers, get three large boxes or even a super-sized box.

Step 1: Roll all the diapers sort of like a burrito and as tightly as possible. Use the rubber bands or tape to keep them rolled up.

Step 2: If you bought the box of diapers, you can use that box, otherwise get another cardboard source. Cut out three circles: the larges circle should be 18-20 inches in diameter. The next circle should be 3 inches smaller, and the next three inches smaller than the last.

Step 3: Arrange your rolled up diapers on the largest circle and starting at the centre, work your way outwards. To keep the cake stable, use rubber bands at intervals. Once you reach the edge of the circle, tie the diapers together using a ribbon. This will hold the cake together and add a pretty finishing touch. Now repeat this process with the last two layers.

Step 4: Finally, stake the layers on top of one another and decorate your diaper cake with all the extras you have gathered. It’s a really nice touch, if you like, to add a cake topper of sorts, such as a doll, stuffed bear, or even a framed photo of the ultrasound.

Step 5: Present your masterpiece to the mother and father to be and enjoy the look of surprise on their faces!

This is a very fun gift to make as you get to personalise it depending on the baby’s gender and the parents’ tastes and needs. Make sure all the items in the diaper cake are not just for display and that the baby and the parents will actually benefit from it.

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