6 Tips to Help You Put Your Child in a Good Mood


Anyone who’s ever had to deal with a cranky child knows how tough it can be to cheer them up. Toddlers are particularly prone to tantrums because it’s their way of telling you they’re upset and irritable. Even older kids can become bad-tempered or even get into fits of rage when they’re bored, frustrated, or tired. So, when you notice that your little one’s a little down, what do you do?

Read on to get some useful tips for putting your precious little boy or girl in a better mood. You’ll put a smile on their face every single time and ensure that they’re motivated and upbeat.

1.   Make sure they stick to a routine

Children are creatures of habit and they thrive when things are unfolding in ways that are reassuring and familiar. They should ideally be going to bed, waking up, and having their meals at the same time every day. Disruptions in their daily routine could put them on edge and keeping everything consistent does them good. While it’s impossible to keep things uniform every single day, establish a schedule that works for them and follow it as closely as possible.

2.  Prevent problems by planning ahead

Just like the rest of us, every child has their own quirks and pet peeves. You know your child best, so you’re probably familiar with the things that make them tense. For example, if your little one always gets restless during car rides, you can plan ahead and get ready. Taking their favorite toys with them and playing fun car games are just some effective strategies to try. This way, they won’t get grumpy in the first place.

3.  Keep them physically active

Pent-up energy can bring out the worst in anyone, especially children. Luckily, there’s a way to convert the negative friction into something positive. You’re probably aware of the amazing effects of light daily exercises and regular workouts. A bit of physical activity on a daily basis can go a long way. Minimize screen time, and replace it with real-life games and puzzles you can find in Uptown Jungle in Murrieta, particularly those that involve running, jumping, crawling, crunching, and climbing.

4.  Expose them to fun learning opportunities

Curiosity in children is a well known fact and it’s a favorable trait that needs to be fostered into adulthood. To prevent this from fading away, and to keep their spirits high, let them discover and get in depth about a topic they show interest for. Take them to museums, zoos, and art exhibitions. Show them fascinating landscapes in their vicinity, expose them to a new language, try out new food, learn how to recognize different species of trees and flowers in your local park. Learning opportunities are endless.

5.  Let them blow off steam

When you’re ignoring the signs, a light crankiness can quickly develop into a fully blown tantrum. Your kid needs to have a way to let go off the excess energy. There are several ways you can address this in a creative and fun manner:

  • allow them to run around within a safe environment
  • give them a special bag, pillow, or even a pinata to punch
  • let them rock out to their favorite song as loud as they can
  • let them help out with some light aspect of housework they enjoyable
  • ask them to draw a list of things that annoy them the most at the moment

6.  Maintain positivity at all times

Keeping a positive outlook every day isn’t always easy. However, it’s not about turning a blind eye to things that went wrong, but focusing on possibilities and practical solutions. What’s more, it’s about acceptance that some situation could be overwhelming for your child, but it can still be reckoned with.

Approach your kid with reassurance and acceptance of their current perspective. To turn their frown into a smile, try to be a role model for resilience, lead by example, and show them how you cope with stress. Don’t distract them, but shed light on the bigger picture, and most importantly, show that you’re there for them, always.

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