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Housekeeping Chores Freaking You Out?

52 Weeks To A Clean, Organized Home

We all want to provide our family with a happy, healthy and clean home, but that’s easier said than done. Many of us are so busy with work, school and other activities, that we simply don’t have time to do more than a minimal amount of cleaning and tidying. And some of us are simply so overwhelmed by the sheer number of household chores, that we don’t even know where to begin. Is there any help for us?

Yes! While we have a lot of chores to do, we don’t need to do all of them every day or even every week. The key to keeping a clean, well-functioning home lies in organization. Housekeeping tasks can be broken down into manageable chunks by day, week, month, season and even year. Whether you choose to do your own cleaning or hire a professional to perform the work for you, it’s important to distinguish between daily/weekly tasks and those that do not have to be done nearly that often.

We created the accompanying to-do lists to help you schedule your housekeeping tasks. This annual cleaning guide organizes your infrequent cleaning chores by month, season and quarter. Tackling the big house cleaning jobs and regular home maintenance chores on a month-by-month and season-by-season schedule takes the mind-boggling stress out of cleaning. Once you establish your annual cleaning routine, you’ll find that keeping your home clean and cozy is not as difficult as you feared.

Are you ready to start counting down the days to a clean, cozy home?


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5 Tips To Choosing The Granny Flat Kit Homes For Your Elders

Granny’s flats or mother-in-law homes come in kits for being set up or installed. Previously, they were just the little box placed in the backyard for the granny to sit and relax. Meant for granny originally, they are no longer just meant for them, but a growing number of people have started finding them useful. It is a self-contained unit that may become the part of your premises and prove useful for family members. Nowadays, granny homes offer a lot of flexibility to the users in build and design options. You are free to choose the style, the dimension, the fixture and have it delivered to your destination. The components of the home are easy-to-assemble and install.Continue reading

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Mum’s Top Tips & Designs For Renovating Bathroom

If you really want to check the standard of a house or office or party venue you should check the bathrooms. When I became a mom, I also told my husband and children to choose the wall tiles color, fittings and fixtures along with the shower screens and the sewage outlets according to what I suggested them.  It is not necessary that you should be an expert in the field or should hire one for bathroom renovations. You simply need to keep a few things in your mind. There are some great tips and ideas to help you out.

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Prefer Elegance Over Attractiveness

When shopping for fixtures, it is mom’s view that you should not just think about the price but also about the elegance of the materials:

  • It is quite natural to like products that get your attention instantly due to their unique and strange colors.
  • Always go for light and pastel shades so that there is maximum light reflection inside the bathroom.
  • Thus you should avoid them and go for products that have an elegant look and a simple design. As I was a mom, I also told my children to decorate their bathrooms in the same fashion.

bathroom renovation for home

Mom’s View is that You Should not Overcrowd Your Bathroom:

There are a lot of things that you need to make a bathroom look expensive. It includes a big tub, a glassed shower area and a lot more, for which you need a large area. Now you might not have that much area for your bathroom but this does not mean that you should try to fit all those things anyway. Having a lot of free space is also very important. If you overcrowd no one will be able to see or enjoy all the expensive things you have put in there. Instead you should install only the essential stuff. You can use a large mirror to make the bathroom look bigger than it is. This is a very common technique used by experts during bathroom renovations.

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Sit in the Tub Before Buying it

  • Bigger is not always better when it comes to bathtubs. People generally think that extra space will get them a better experience. But actually if the tub is too big you will not be able to get the proper foot hold and back support, which I had also told my younger daughter when she was buying a bathtub for her three-room flat.
  • Thus it is recommended by most of the experts that you should sit in the tub and check if it is right for you, after measuring the total area of your bathroom.

The Brand Matters a Lot

These days almost everyone knows the names of the top brands that produce toilet fixtures and other stuff. Thus when someone enters your bathroom they will first look at the brand they used. It is mom’s perspective that you should never experiment with brands, and if you talk to bathroom renovation specialists, even they will also tell you to buy the bathroom attachments from one particular brand or company.

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Proper Lighting is the Key

You must have often seen that something that looks really great in a showroom just fades away when you bring it home. The same might happen when looking for fixtures and other stuff for bathroom renovations. The reason for this is that showrooms have great lighting which makes almost everything seem attractive. You can get the same effect in your bathroom by adding proper lighting. So, makeover of your bath area by starting renovating it today. which will give the most desired look to your bathroom, by making few changes here and there.