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A Carry-on Suitcase for your Kid for Leisure and Holidays

What could be more feasible for your child other than something that could carry their luggage and themselves too together! Well yes, it is the trunki style ride on suitcase which could ease your problem and provide you good comfort while travelling. This long lasting, carry-on size suitcase works as a perfect luggage riding toy and a perfect commuter for kids on the tour! It is well-saddled with comfy and soft seat to sit on. It has been well-equipped with four heavy duty wheels that can handle max load of 110lbs.

What enticing is that it is fun to pack with straps as well as latches which are quite secure for the tender fingers of your kids? It has plenty of storage space to store your kids clothing, toys and other stuff. So, if you’re quite in hurry to catch your plane or train, you just have to allow your kids to pull and ride their 4-wheeler along with their luggage, all through the airport or station. You will not regret purchasing it at all. And, if the occasion is of Christmas, then you should certainly consider it for your kids.

Buy Christmas trunki ride on suitcase for your kids not just for your ease but to make your kids independent, liberal and responsible. Gifting this commendable gift on Christmas will make your kids very happy. The gift is perfect for kids above 1 years of age. It serves as a storage, walker, scooter and trolley for the child. It is not just a companion for your kids, but serves as a helping hand for the busy mothers too! This way they can handle kids well while being on shopping, tour or working.

Christmas is all about gifting something fruitful and better to your kids. It isn’t about purchasing expensive items which get wasted in sometime. The Christmas trunki ride on suitcase would serve your purpose for years to come. It will make your kid happy and also be a great companion during their play time. So, present your child with this exciting gift and they will love you for it. Fascol has a great collection of ride on suitcases. Whether it is bear ride on for young toddlers or ride on suitcases for growing kids, you can find it all here.

For those who have been wondering what exciting could they do for their kids this Christmas… worry no more! The ride-on suitcase is a great option for kids. It is light in weight, durable and serves as a perfect riding toy for your child while you’re on the go. It gives your kids a helping hand to grow to the next stage of cycling. So, just take out your smartphones or laptops and make your order now. Christmas is around and you’re surely going to need it before the big day. Get the delivery right at your doorsteps and avoid the chaotic crowd of the reality stores. You’re going to love the product when you see it live.

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Family Summer Vacation Packing Guide

No matter how excited you are about the forthcoming holiday, you are reluctant even to think about packing everything. Yes, you always forget something no matter how hard you try to pick out all the necessary things. Or, even worse, you bring too many items with you and you never seem to use most of it. With a clever packing plan you are bound to be ready for the trip in no time.

family vacation

The number of days and the number of things

Think wisely about the amount of staff you need to pack. It is not the same if you are going away with the kids only for the weekend or for a two week holiday. You do not need to take your entire closet with you no matter how stylish you want to look. Your children will not need all the toys they have to play with on a holiday in the sun. Be wise and pack only the necessary and let yourself and those travelling with you enjoy more in the sun and the soothing waters rather than playing on your gadgets. If you are going away only for 3-5 days use a medium size luggage. But for more than 7 days bring a large suitcase and pack what you need.

Look stylish and comfortable during the trip

Think about the kind of luggage you are going to wear during the trip. You should check all the items you are about to take with you in your hand luggage. Bring only the stuff you are going to need during the flight. However, consider the quality of hand luggage because you do not want it to break and make a mess out of your holiday that has not even started yet! Always choose leather goods that will take care of your belongings perfectly.

Which clothes to take


Bring one change of clothing per day you will be staying and two extra tops per day. If you are going on a long holiday you will of course have access to some kind of laundry service so do not bring too many clothes. What you definitely need is a swimming suit, towels, slippers and beach clothes. Always take some warmer clothes with you as you never know what kind of bad weather may ruin your holiday, but do not let it ruin your health. No one likes catching a cold on a holiday! Do not forget PJs. Think about the kind of activities you want to do during your stay and bring adequate shoes. If you are going hiking choose the right type of clothes and shoes.

Which cosmetics not to forget

You will need a mascara, foundation, toothpaste and a shampoo. Do not forget sunscreen and sunglasses. You will look trendy if you choose some black aviators and your eyes will stay protected too. Think about extra contacts you may need in case you lose the ones you regularly wear. Buy lotions for treating sunburns, insect bites and whatever may come up during the holiday. Antibacterial wipes are absolutely necessary.

What you need for your baby

If you are travelling with young children, especially babies what you should bring are diapers. Baby bottles and food you are going to feed them. Thing about the clothes for children as they are likely to get stained.


beach holiday

Do not bring entire IT equipment with you. You will only need your phone, charger, camera with batteries. If you do not need to work even when you are on holiday, forget about bringing your laptop and a tablet with you.

When packing for a holiday, bring only the necessary stuff with you. Choose the amount of stuff you are actually going to use during the stay, and pick the quality hand luggage that will carry your belongings.

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Take a Tour to These Haunted Places in Mumbai

With constant chaos and daily clamour on the outside, there dependably is some shrouded peace in Mumbai, however not generally like we need it to be. The peace that is creepy, hair raising, is the thing that this article significantly discusses. Mumbai has some spine chilling mystery spots that you would need to abstain from going to during the evening, or possibly even in broad daylight!

On your following visit to Mumbai, make note of these locales in the city that are really paranormal-accommodating. Truly, not for the timid!.

1. Taj Mahal Hotel

On seeing the name of this spot in this very show, one is unquestionably going to be astonished. But in reality, one of the finest hotels in Mumbai, the Taj Mahal Hotel is a luxurious inn as well as a house to an apparition. As indicated by visitors and staff, a weird appearance has frequently been seen meandering around the passageways of the hotel. On testing into the matter more profound, it was found that the ghost is of none other than the hotel’s architect who submitted to suicide because of a glitch in the proposed compositional arrangement.

2. Poonam Chambers, Worli

People working in the late hours in this complex are prohibited to use the stairs since this spot is home to some sad lives that were lost amid the awful 1993 bomb impacts and later amid 1997 when a mass of the B-Wing crumpled. The ghosts that wander here are of the ones that were caught under the rubble and debris amid these two shocking episodes. The security guards have frequently been spooked by doors rattling and being continually thumped around evening time.

3. Aarey Milk Colony

Envision yourself driving through a dull road around evening time with tall trees on the either side and all of a sudden a lady in sari, begins to run alongside your car. That as well, coordinating up with the pace of your car. This is for real. At the Aarey Milk Colony, individuals have regularly encountered this hair raising phenomenon happening with them, and this has additionally brought on a great deal of accidents of the drivers. Dodge this course around evening time, please!

4. Marve and Madh Island Road

If driving through this street at full moonlight hours, don’t be stunned to see a lady strolling in front of your car. It’s clearly going to make anyone go crazy, however as indicated by sources, it is the ghost of a woman who was killed by her husband and from that point forward has been wandering through this road. The nebulous vision can be spotted just on the full moon evenings and is frequent to the point that it has created numerous mischances here. Thus, on a full moon night, try and not hike up through this stretch.

5. Santacruz West

Local people say that a woman (known as Second floor ki bhabhi) conferred suicide here because of a tiff with her spouse and from that point forward a secretive black dog showed up from no place and made this second floor premises its lasting home. The canine begins to cry in the late hours of the night and a dreadful black veiled lady wanders around in the passageway.

If these stories couldn’t satiate you enough by just reading them here, then what are you waiting for? Book your tickets to Mumbai, use the PNR prediction feature to make sure you are on time, and head up to these spots to experience the paranormal activities all by yourself. God bless you!