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This too shall pass?

My mom shared this video clip on Facebook today.

In some ways, it was so sweet it made my tooth ache.

In other ways, it made me want to stick pencils in my eye sockets and pull my hair out while while screaming obscenities at the top of my lungs.

Am I ever going to stop feeling like I got totally freakin’ jipped out of something that every little girl dreams about from the moment she plays dress-up with her fitted sheet for a veil?  Am I ever going to stop feeling robbed of that special lifelong memory of a wedding day?

I have to assume that all divorcees feel this way for a certain period of time.

It’s got to be normal.

I think the reason it bothers me so much is because I am a hopeless romantic at heart.  Like most little girls, I started planning my wedding day before I was even boy crazy.


Maybe that’s the problem.  Maybe we, as a society, glorify being a bride too much at too young of an age.  I know that I’ve encouraged my daughter to play “Bride” yet in the same hour tell her she is too young to like boys.  Is that sending a message to her that being a “Bride” is what matters most?

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