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Save Your Sanity on School Mornings

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

It’s saves my sanity on school mornings.
It’s cheap and easy to use.
And it even makes me look like a superhero some mornings.

Run–don’t walk–over to Target to grab a 6-shelf hanging closet organizer, like this Michael Graves one that’s on sale this week for just $12.99.  Buy one for each of your school-aged kids and you are on your way to easy mornings, even if you don’t have the luxury of finishing your cup of coffee before the morning rush begins.

On Sunday night, I take a few minutes to check the weather for the week, and I proceed to then fill the sections with an outfit–complete with socks, underwear, and hair bows–for almost the entire week.  I leave one “free” day {usually gym or art day} where I only pack underwear and socks–because, seriously, my kids could skip those two entirely and be okay with it!  I usually call the kids in to see their outfits as a chance for them to “approve” their wardrobe for the week {at the most, mine may decide to swap days!}

They understand our system and know that there is no chance of wasting time spending an extra 15 minutes having “nothing to wear.”  And I don’t have to be bothered with fielding the whining about not liking their outfits before my coffee kicks in.

What about the free day? 
This is where I feel like a superhero.  I get to be lazy and not choose one outfit, and then I get to use that to my advantage all week!  Even though they start the week with this free spot, they need to earn to in order to keep it.  And they know that arguing with me about an outfit they “approved” on Sunday night is grounds for me taking away their free day.  My kids really enjoy having the creativity of putting together funky outfits, so taking away  this independent activity is actually a punishment that works in my house.

Even more! 
As soon as your kids come home with their class schedules, you can also label each section with the special classes they have each day so that you don’t forget when they need to wear things like sneakers for gym, or bring in their library books {my kids actually place their library books into the day of the week section when they are done reading it!}.  Another great way to save your sanity on school mornings!

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