7 Activities to Keep Your Kids Busy if You Work From Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused huge changes on a global scale. One of the biggest shift in the way people work is the fact that most now do it from the comfort of their homes. While this has reduced their commute time, it has created a host of other difficulties. Trying to focus on work with your kids in the next room can be quite a challenge, especially if they’re very young and very bored. The last thing you need is a screaming child barging into the room right as you’re about to drive your point home in an online meeting.

Thankfully, there are excellent ways to juggle your career and family even when you’re working remotely. The experts at Uptown Jungle Henderson bring you some of the best ideas you can use to keep your children occupied while you’re taking care of business. Read on to learn some of the coolest activities that will keep the kids entertained for hours. They involve zero screen time and little to no noise!

1. Playing dress up

Why couldn’t you do Halloween a few times a year? Let your kids’ imagination run wild and encourage them to dive into their costume box or drawer. You could let them DIY these costumes from old items you have lying around the house. It could also be a great time to play around with some pretend play makeup.

2. Simple housework as play

Children usually love helping out around the house because they want to emulate everything you do. Although they may not be particularly successful at doing chores at first, they can keep them focused for quite some time and give them a great sense of accomplishment. Make sure that the tasks are safe and doable. For example, they could put away their toys or fold their clothes and socks.

3. Creating a wall mural

This is a great choice if your little ones are artistically inclined. While you definitely won’t let your kids destroy any walls, you can offer them the next best thing. Attach a large piece of paper on a wall, give them a bunch of crayons, and enjoy the peace and quiet for hours.

4. Hallway laser maze

Prepare a cool hallway laser maze before an important online business meeting. Explain that the goal is to get to the other end of the hallway without touching any of the tape you put up. Your children will be so busy trying to get through the maze that you won’t even hear a peep from them. They’ll also be developing physical strength and agility.

5. Playing with building blocks

Creative games are different every time, so they’re perfect for when you want your child to stay focused for a while. And what can be more creative than shaping their own world out of building blocks? This can provide hours of entertainment and give you plenty of leeway to handle your work.

6. DIY obstacle course

Provide your child with opportunities to crawl, jump, run, throw, toss, and do other challenging and stimulating physical activities. You can make your very own obstacle course from the items you already have at home. For example, they could jump over a string or crawl under chairs. Just make sure their safety is a priority.

7. Playing in a blanket fort

Build a cozy blanket fort for your little prince or princess. Fill it up with comfortable cushions and some of your child’s favorite toys and books. They could be in there all day, reading, daydreaming, napping, and enjoying the magic of their very own fairytale castle.

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