Everything about Yellow Umbrella Boutique

Any mother can tell you that Moms are often super busy! The mom-gig is often pretty fast-paced and demanding. As a result, you are generally out and about taking one kid from one engagement to another. If you have a new little one, nursing in public is pretty much a daily event. The likelihood if your baby being hungry only while you’re at home is so low! This is why multi-use nursing covers are becoming more and more common every year. The Yellow Umbrella Boutique offers some of the best baby car seat/nursing covers on the market at some of the most competitive prices available.

Who is the Yellow Umbrella Boutique?

The Yellow Umbrella Boutique started as a small husband and wife-owned business. The couple having two small children of their own found it easy to be passionate about quality yet affordable baby and toddler products. Their youngest child developed plagiocephaly and needed a cranial helmet to help guide the shape of his head as he grows. Knowing that insurance wouldn’t likely help with the various medical expenses, the family decided to start up the boutique to help pay for the medical expenses.

What makes them different than other boutiques?

There are a lot of baby and child boutiques on the market. The Yellow Umbrella Boutiques dedication to their own customers set them apart from any other company. They understand the expenses that come with parenthood and the difficulty this can place on families. They also understand the desire to have your children not look homeless! YUB creates great looking clothing, car seat covers and accessories for children at affordable prices. You shouldn’t have to take out a loan to clothe your children well.

What makes their products unique or special?

Some of the boutique’s best-sellers include their super cute baby car seat covers. Other car seat covers that you can find online sell their car seat covers at over $35 plus shipping. This is simply ridiculous. The Yellow Umbrella Boutique sells their comparable products at about $25 including free shipping. Much better!

Their car seat covers are made from soft yet durable materials that are built to last. They come in a variety of way cute colors and designs for you to choose from! The best part may be the multiple functionalities the covers can serve. Car seat cover to help your babes stay asleep even on the go, nursing covers for those public feeding times and even a grocery cart cover to protect from germs! All in one simple strand of fabric. Pretty convenient and helpful all at the same time.

Why should I buy from them and not the big brand stores?

The Yellow Umbrella is still a small family-owned business. These are the types of companies that are worth supporting. The big stores are great but can’t possibly offer you the same personal customer service that makes them so unique and awesome. Support small business and walk away with the satisfaction of knowing you made a big difference in the lives of someone who could use it.

Where do I find their products?

You can check out their website today at

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