Some people can get fit by working out in the gym with occasional guidance from the gym instructor, while others need a devoted personal trainer to help them transform and sculpt their bodies through persistence and perseverance. Specific fitness and weight-loss goals require special effort and guidance, and taking the help of a professional makes the task a lot easier.

A trained fitness expert has the expertise to devise a training and nutrition program suited to your body composition, your lifestyle and your fitness goals. They give you realistic, practical guidance sans the fluff, which is what you need to achieve the body you always dreamed to have.
So if personal attention is what gets you going in the gym, here are 3 essential tips to help you choose the right private trainer.

Search online

If you prefer to work out in the comfort of your home, a personal trainer would work best for you. You can always find a trainer at your local gym, but we recommend that you search online for more choices. Make a shortlist of the trainers based on their experience, qualifications, fee, proximity, etc., so that you’d have a wider range to choose from. Then speak to the selected candidates over the phone (or in person) and finalize one that best suits your requirement and budget.
Before you seal the deal, ask if a half-hour trial session is possible to gauge your comfort level with the coach. Also ask if they’ll provide the training equipment.

Check certification

Any private fitness training worth your time and money should only be entrusted to a professional who has the right qualifications for the job. When searching online, read reviews and also check the educational and professional certifications of each candidate.
Reputable trainers know how important certification is in this field of work, and the best ones will always have learned their craft from an accredited institution. While a degree in fitness is not a must-have, the candidate must have earned the necessary credentials from a recognized and well-known association.
Also, don’t forget to ask the trainer if they’re well-versed in CPR and first-aid.

Enlist your preferences and needs

This is an important step when hiring a private strength and conditioning trainer. Make yourself a priority—list your preferences and needs in terms of learning speed, motivation techniques and training style that work best for you, and also your comfort level with the person.
If the gender of your personal trainer is important to you, choose accordingly. Some women are more at ease when training at home with a female fitness trainer, while for others this is not a criterion at all. Whatever your preference, pick a coach who is qualified, competent, experienced, empathetic, and willing to adapt their coaching style to your specific needs.
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