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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Confessions from the Playground…

Job Description {of the day}:  Activities Coordinator

At the risk of sounding like a crappy mom, I have a confession to make: I can’t stand taking my kids to the playground. It’s not something I wake up and say, “oh, it’s a beautiful day, what a great day for the park.” Here’s why:

* Moms are just spectators at the playground & we can’t even enjoy it. The moment you relax, close your eyes to take in a deep breath of fresh air and let the sun dance on your face, you open your eyes and realize you can’t “find” one of your kids and your heart skips a few beats. So, you spend the rest of your time hawking your children’s whereabouts trying to keep them both in your view while they run in opposite directions.

* Someone has always got to pee, or poop, or both, once if not twice during your visit. If your playground has a potty, it likely looks like a walking version of the swine flu. If not, then you’ll be forced to work your diaper changing magic on the seat of your car. Always fun.

* Someone always gets hurt. Be it a small scrape on the knee from running around like a mad man, or a whack in the head from walking in front of the swings. Tears are always shed.

* Other moms are constantly judging your parenting skills waiting for you to mess up in some way, shape or form so that they can claim the coveted “Best/Coolest Mom at the Playground” award.

* There is the inevitable “I wanna go home” whine-fest that your toddler will make at some point. You will then have to convince them to stay by getting all goofy and riding the pony spring rider in order to ward off the meltdown your 5 year old will definitely have if you unexpectedly announce that it’s time to go.

* Then, of course, it is time to go. And, even though you just spent an hour watching their every move, pushing them on the swings, clapping at them going down the slide a hundred times, giving them a snack, etc. they still have meltdowns and your “fun” day at the park quickly ends with a “get-in-this-car-right-now-or-else” moment.

Despite how I really feel, the pictures below are why I give in and take my kids to the park often – Motherhood is really all about them anyway!


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