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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Puppies 4 Sale?!

A quick errand to my local CVS provided me with loads of laughter yesterday.

The kids and I were busy running Back-to-School errands, one of which included picking up a prescription at the pharmacy.  Short on time, I hit up the drive-thru at CVS.  As we pulled into the drive-thru line, the car in front of us was getting a puppy handed to them from the pharmacist behind the window.

“Look mom, they are giving away puppies today!!”
“This the the best day ever!!”
“I wonder what kind of puppy they will give us?”

As we pulled up to the window, they were yelling from the back seat to the pharmacist in excitement.  I felt so bad bursting their little bubbles, even though by that time both myself and the pharmacist were hysterical laughing ourselves.  Their excitement was contagious and so genuine–it was as if they were about to receive the most perfect surprise for no reason other than we were next in the drive-thru line.