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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Back to School with #BagItForward Simple Service Project

Teachers in my area are forced to spend so much of their hard-earned money on supplies for the classroom.  I wanted to make sure that my children’s teachers weren’t burdened with this extra expense at the start of the school year.  I chose to encourage my friends to Bag it Forward by putting together small care packages to help their child’s teacher stock up for the school year.  Teachers are under-appreciated, underpaid and under-supported, in my opinion. This mission was a way to invite others to show them how much we value their time spent educating our children.

The idea was easy–care packages filled with classroom essentials like hand sanitizer, boxes of tissues, and quality school supplies.  Elmer’s made it affordable to stock their teachers up with enough glue sticks for their whole class, and bottles of glue, too.  The kids and I roamed the aisles of our local Walmart to stop up on these essentials and check out Elmer’s full line of back to school products. {Check out pictures from our shopping trip here.}

My kids took the time to design greeting cards for their new teachers as I helped them package together the goodies complete with ribbons in their school colors. They enjoyed practicing their printing and drawing their new teachers a special picture.

While inside Walmart, I discovered the Elmer’s 1st Day app – a FREE mobile app that enables parents to capture those priceless “1st day” moments year after year. It also provides teachers with a unique platform to share photos of their classrooms, school projects, and more with family and friends.  I decided to use the app to start documenting this years back to school milestone starting with our #BagItForward simple service project right on site at Walmart.  I plan to use the app to capture moments like my daughter stepping onto the schoolbus for the first time ever, and my son returning home from his first day of 3rd grade, and share them with my family and friends who could be there to see the memories happening right before their eyes. The app is available for download directly at the iTunes store, on Google Play, or

Need another reason to download the app?  

Elmer’s is committed to the education of children and innovation of educators who inspire them to learn.  With that in mind, the company is a proud sponsor of The Kids in Need Foundation.  For every photo uploaded, Elmer’s will donate one product to The Kids in Need Foundation (up to 200,000 products.)

What You Can Do to #BagItForward

I would love to see my friends and family join in this simple service project and #BagItForward by putting together a school supply basket of their own!  My kids rode their bikes from friends house to friends house, passing out some information about this blog post and the #BagItForward program in hopes that as their friends parents took them school shopping, that they may consider picking up a few essentials for their classroom teachers as well!  It’s a great way to get your kids excited about going back to school, and a simple and affordable way for your family to contribute to those educators who make huge differences in their little lives.  Another option would be to host a Simple Service Party of your own!  Put together a quick e-vite encouraging your friends and family to donate things like gently used or new backpacks, school supplies, and classroom essentials!  Every little thing that you can do to help will go a long way!

For more information on Elmer’s and the Bag It Forward mission, visit:
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