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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Spring Clean Your Sexy

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I adore The Mommyologist {What!?  You don’t know who she is!?  Gasp!  You better check her outright away!}.  Mary, a.k.a. “The Mommyologist,” is a fellow blogger who is well known for her Mom Sexy revolution.  Mary posts daily Mom Sexy boosts on her Facebook page, and yesterdays struck a chord with me.  She wrote:

Tuesday #MomSexy Boost: Don’t fear change in your life…change can be pretty damn sexy! Sometimes change is exactly what you need to get your sexy back on track.

The bright sky and budding trees gave me an intense burst of energy to partake in some highly un-sexy tasks like dusting the ceiling fans and washing boogers off my couch, but it also got me to thinking about Mary’s idea of change.  With the change in seasons, we spend time spring cleaning our homes, sometimes making small changes like swapping heavy drapes for lightweight airy ones.  So, why not make some small changes to ourselves to spring clean our sexy!?

Here are ten changes you can make to spring clean your sexy:

1.    Go for a mini-makeover at your favorite makeup counter, and let the professionals guide you to choosing some new colors for your face this Spring.  This doesn’t mean you have to spend all of your hard-earned cash on the expensive stuff–if you prefer drug store brands, simply take note of the colors that you like and go hunting for them at your local Walgreens or CVS. 

2.    Investing in a new lip gloss is a MUST.  Glossy lips give your mouth an instant make-out-with-me pout.  Consider buying something with a delicious taste so that your man wants to keep coming back for more. 

3.    Buy yourself a sexy new pair of panties. 

4.    And treat yourself to a new bra while you are at it!  With all of the v-neck tee’s that I wear this season, I’m going to make sure I get a bra that gives me a little extra boost! 

5.    Why not freshen up your other “drapery” and make an appointment with a waxer!?  Thatalways does the trick for me….

6.    Treat yourself to a new accessory that will instantly take your most boring cotton tee from drab to fab.  A necklace, a lightweight scarf, a new pair of dangling earrings? 

7.    SMILE.  Show off those pearly whites, even if they aren’t so pearly white. 

8.    Stop in Bath & Body Works and splash on a new scent.  Body sprays are great this time of year–as the weather gets warmer, it’s a very refreshing and lightweight way to freshen up. 

9.    Shake your ass.  {Insert shameless self-plug…} Come take a Zumba class with me!  And if you don’t live near me, then just go find one in your area.  Aside from the fact that shaking it will make you feel like a hottie if you just relax & let yourself go, you will break a sweat and burn some calories while you are at it. 

10.  And lastly, my OCD self can not help but suggest that you spend a little time organizing your life in order to feel sexy.  When I have my ducks in a row around my house, I instantly feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders which, in the end, makes me happy.  And happy is sexy!