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Thanks for your interest in guest blogging on The Shore Mom! I am always looking for well-written and interesting post with different topics which will encourage my readers.

We are looking for Contributor for Following topics

  • Parenting
  • Shopping, Fashion, &Beauty
  • Family Life & Relationships
  • Home Décor
  • Diet & Exercise
  • Food & Recipe

You Have to Follow Below Guidelines

  • Submission of Post does not guarantee publication. All articles will be reviewed and if it will benefit Mother readers, it is likely to be published on site.
  • Posts must be Unique and high-quality content.
  • Length of the article should be a minimum of 600 words.
  • Posts must be high-quality, original content.
  • Every Content must have correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  • We don’t accept any keyword optimized link inside the article.
  • Send at least one good quality and relevant image with your article

How to Get Published Your post on The Shore Mom?

  • STEP 1: Tell me the topic of your content. Please explain the main things you are going to include in your content and what information the reader will get after reading your article.
  • STEP 2: Include the keywords “Guest Post Submission” in your email subject lines. (I get lots of emails daily, so putting that title can really help me stay organized).
  • STEP 4: Send your outline to theshoremom@gmail.com.
  • STEP 5: I will communicate back letting you know if your idea is a good fit or not for the shore mom. (NOTE: Submissions does not guarantee getting published).

 Thank you for your interest in contributing to Theshoremom.com!

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