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5 Tips to Buy Bridal Lingerie

All girls put enough of hard work and prior research while investing for their D-day outfit. Not only the wedding dress but also jewelry, hair style and makeup are also looked upon with outmost care. But what most of them neglect are their undergarments or lingerie. Bad-fitted lingerie can spoil your entire D-day look and make its presence felt in all of your wedding pictures. So, you need to give fraction of your stern attention in this field. Now what you should do?

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1. Check and match

As soon as your wedding dress is tailor ready focus on your online lingerie shopping. Carefully analyze your wedding dress and decide which one is accurately complementing your dress and then spot that ultimate one. Also do not buy a single piece as it will get worn out after a few uses and you will also get alternate choices to wear. Buy at least 3-5 sets that will go well with all your attires. Bras are never wasted, so buying a few extra doesn’t matter that much.  

2. Plan early

If you neglect your inner garments and leave them for a final moment buy then it won’t co-operate with your inner comfort. Because inner garments require utmost care and prior research while shopping. So, a last moment buy is not a thing which it deserves. Plan early and get the best one for your comfort.

3. Go for net and floral motifs

During and after marriage, inner garments gain certain level of visual importance. It is no longer restricted to comfort and best fit, it needs to look good and sexy. So, do not settle over any ordinary bra and panty. Select those which have intricate floral works and net base. It’s not just about your comfort while buying lingerie but the taste of your partner also matters a lot. So, a combination of your taste and partners choice is must to be considered while Amante lingerie coupons shopping.

4. Red is your color

Nothing augments your hot quotient than the vermilion red, the color of love, fertility and passion. So, while shopping for bridal lingerie concentrate more over those blood red and tomato red bras. Apart from red, you can also play with whites, especially if they come in lace format and black as well.

5. Shop online

Online lingerie outlets, one which deals exclusively with lingerie have a comprehensive collection of bridal lingerie, even more than any other stores. It has variety in designs, cup size, colors and presence of various national and international brands. So, you can easily sit in-front of your laptop and shop in ease and at the same time save much of your valuable time before wedding. Numerous sites also have discount coupons, like Pretty Secrets coupons which give lucrative discounts. You can avail that too.

So, with this much tips in mind, plan for your bridal lingerie and buy the perfect pair to support and comfort your feminine and sensitive assets. If you need to know more about your size and cups then go for a measurement session, which you can also get online in these retail sites.

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Get That Summer Body Right Now

The sure solution to getting fit and content with your body is patience and constant work. Therefore, if you have not already, start working now in order to achieve your goal of perfectly sculpted figure that is ready for the beach!

Prepare for some exercise

First things first – move your body! In order to shape up nicely and get rid of all the toxins you have to exercise and sweat. Of course, do not try to do some extremely challenging exercises at your first try because you will find it hard, your muscles will burn and you could easily give up. Start slowly and then gradually add difficulty to your routine. Most importantly, do not focus on cardio exercises only. Instead, combine these with weight lifting and body sculpting exercises for the best results.

Choose your diet plan

Most people would love to be able to eat whatever they want since they work out, but sadly, this is not the case. It is perfectly acceptable to have a balanced diet without any harsh restrictions when you incorporate a lot of physical activity in your routine but a certain diet regime has to be followed. In order to find this step easier it would be good to find a diet plan that actually advocates a certain way of healthy eating such as chrono diet, intermittent fasting, etc. This way you will not feel hungry but you will be able to decide what your calorie intake will be for the day.

Do not forget to exfoliate

You do not have to do this every day but when you decide to do it, exfoliate your body in the shower after exercising. This will remove any dead skin cells and bumps, open your pores so that they can soak up the nutrients from lotions afterwards better and promote circulation which will all lead to the nice smooth and tight-looking skin.

Use some special creams and lotions

If you want some additional help, try your luck with some special creams and lotions that have slimming or anti-cellulite effect. These can stimulate your blood circulation and massaging them into your skin can help with breaking some of those irritating lymphatic knots. These are most effective after exercising, shower and a scrub, so pick your products wisely because they can cause some serious cooling or burning sensations.

Get a tan

Even if you reach your final goal you might not be completely satisfied by how your body looks in a swimsuit. A fake tan can solve this problem. With tanned skin, any imperfections on the body such as pigmentation marks, stretch marks, scars, etc. will be better hidden. Moreover, when your skin tone is a bit darker, your overall body is visually slimmer.

Massages and treatments

If you really want to go all out when your beach body preparations are concerned, you might want to think about visiting some beauty salons for more effective massages and anti-cellulite treatments. In all honesty, professional therapist at the salon will do a much better job of sculpting your thighs and stomach than you would at home. Still, if even after all abovementioned techniques you are still not satisfied with your overall appearance, you could try some non-invasive slimming procedures such as cool sculpting that would keep that pesky bits of fat in check.

If you do not give your best for yourself, no one else will. Therefore, try to stay on the right track and keep yourself motivated so that you can fully enjoy your time and your body at the beach and during hot summer months.

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9 Last-Minute Baby Gifts for the Indecisive Aunt

If you’re like me once and you’re clueless about anything baby-related then you probably dread the day when the baby will come and you have to attend your friend’s baby shower and bring a gift good enough to sit with the other sophisticated nappy cakes and baby boxes.

Thankfully, I have gone to enough baby showers to know that a baby gift doesn’t have to be that fancy. It’s the thought and functionality that counts. As long as the parents and baby can use it, then they’re happy.

Still no idea what to get and the baby shower is in a few days? Here are some last-minute ideas to help you in choosing baby gifts:

  1. A nursery book – even if the baby can’t read yet, you can help him or her start to build his or her little own library as early as now. Pick some of your favourites that mommy and daddy will like reading to their little one.
  1. A spa gift certificate – give both mom and dad the much needed relaxation they needed after many stressful nights of looking after the baby. You can buy these gift certificates at the spa and select what kind of pampering you’d like to include whether it’s a spa pedicure or a full body massage.
  1. A wall sticker set – this can come in handy if both parents are still starting out with decorating their little one’s room. A wall sticker set is inexpensive, easy to apply, and instantly adds life to a room.
  1. A hand print and footprint kit – a way to immortalise the baby’s once small feet and hands is with a hand print and foot print kit. Both mom and dad are going to love this unique gift that allows them to frame memories of their little one.
  1. A rag doll – Make sure to give her a girl rag doll if it’s a girl and a boy rag doll if it’s a boy. The parents are going to love that you got baby something to play with as he or she grows.
  1. A framed birth date print – this is very easy gift that you can do at home. All you need is a frame and a little bit of creativity. Put together details of baby’s birth like date, time, and location. Use funky fonts and put it on a frame.
  1. A baby keepsake album – new parents are always keen to capturing baby’s first moments whether it’s his first walk, first smile, or first word. Help them create those memories with a keepsake album. Make sure it’s one that is specially made for baby’s moments.
  1. A pajama set – a comfortable pajama set is going to help keep baby feel comfortable at night thus helping mommy and daddy get their much needed Zzzs. Although it probably might not make much of a difference since babies often cry but hey, at least he or she will look cute doing it! And more clothes are always welcome considering how babies grow very fast.
  1. A building block set – it could be the alphabet or just the letters that spell out baby’s name. Mom and dad will appreciate you took the time to pick a personalised gift for baby.

See? It’s pretty easy. All you need is to take a quick stroll at the baby section of the department store and think what your expectant friends would like. Pick one appropriate for the baby’s gender and that’s it!

In Conclusion

You’re ready to attend the shower without worrying what the other snobby aunts will think. Have any other gift ideas for us clueless aunts? Let us know in the comments.

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Get Rid of All Your Skin Imperfections

A major component of an elegant and even professional style is beautiful skin. However, sometimes weather, time, lack of sleep, hormones and many other factors are not working on our side, causing many imperfections on our faces. These do not go well with any outfits, so do your best to fight the pesky imperfections off.

Fighting Wrinkles

Since the time machines have not been invented yet, it is difficult to go back in time when you had no wrinkles or to slow the time down and prevent them to show, you have to find different ways of minimizing the folds on your face. To do so, you have to change some of your habits such as smoking and irregular sleeping. Smoking causes your skin to age faster and to sag, thus causing many wrinkles. Also, irregular sleeping habits will make your skin feel tired and lose its flexibility because of the breaking down of skin cells. Avoid exposure to sun, since it dehydrates your skin and causes wrinkles and much older look. Work on your diet, too and introduce as many vegetables and fruits as possible into your daily meals. Soy and salmon can also help you repair any damages on skin and help you avoid wrinkles.

Dry Skin

Not just during the winter, dry skin can also occur anytime if you are not taking good care of it. The key to avoid and cure dry skin is moisturizing. Drink plenty of water every day to keep your skin well hydrated. Apply moisturizers that suit your skin type right after getting out of the shower. Lotions and creams will preserve the piled up moisture in your skin and keep it fresh. Also, do not take too long showers and baths since they can remove the oils from your skin and dry it out. Minimize the use of soaps while showering or consider using soap-free cleansers. Avoid using any bath sponges, brushes and washcloths and never ever scratch your skin. Moisturize to control the itch and prevent dry skin.


Any pigmentation irregularities can be off-putting and unattractive. There are many possibilities of removing dark spots off your face, such as home remedies, chemical peel, creams for lightening your skin and laser treatments. Lemon juice, Aloe Vera and cucumbers are some of the natural home remedies that can help you resolve pigmentation problems; chemical peel will exfoliate your skin removing any freckles, melasma and other imperfections. Various skin creams that are rich in hydroquinone, soy milk and cucumber will slow down the production of melanin and remove any pigmentation from your skin. However, if you do not see results after using any of these, you can always undergo skin pigmentation removal procedures which involve laser resurfacing. Consult with your dermatologist and get the best treatment for your perfect skin.

Acne Problems

The best thing you can do to get rid of acne and restore your beauty is to rely on some natural home remedies and cleansers. Cleanse your face at least twice a day to wash away any dirt, excess oils and makeup. Make sure to choose gentle cleansers that contain no chemicals, to avoid any damages on your skin. Also, there are lots of home remedies that can be useful as face masks, such as baking soda which is great for exfoliating, lemon juice which will cleanse and nourish your skin with its vitamins, orange peel, Aloe Vera gel, and many other herbs. Find the ingredients to mix up your own face mask, and have a spa-like treatment every day right at your home.

It is the best to prevent any of these imperfections and always be beautiful. However, if any of these have already started showing up, it is the best to follow these tips and restore your beauty and walk proudly. 

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Let the Professionals Plan Your Kids Birthday Party

A kid’s birthday party should be a special event, for both the parents and the kids. However, taking on the responsibility of planning it yourself can be overwhelming and dreadful. From choosing a theme to deciding how many people to invite, planning a party can seem to overshadow the entire reason for the event to begin with. Have you ever considered having a professional company plan your child’s party? Many people seem to be making a shift from self-planning to professional planned events in order to not only take the load off, but to also open up their options for party ideas.Why not throw a super hero party in the style of your kids favourite superhero or combine ideas for a Batman vs Superman theme!


Allowing a professional to plan a kids birthday party enables parents to become a part of the festivities. Too many times the parent carries the burden of the menial tasks associated with being the planner instead of enjoying the laughter, joy and memories that their child will carry with them throughout their entire lives. Most busy parents would love to do it all, but time simply does not allow for that. Choosing to let a professional take care of the details frees up precious time that could be better spent making memories. Check out this handy party budget estimator for help budgeting your party!

kid birthday party

Another benefit of allowing a professional company to plan a kids birthday party would be the options that come with the professionals. Parents typically have limited options as to a party theme due to lack of choices at the stores, heavy expenses that break the budget, and some parents lack of creativity. Any of these are legitimate reasons to allow a professional to plan your party. The professionals know how to work within a budget, have lots of themed options as well as take on the responsibility of being creative.

Probably the most overlooked part of planning a party is the clean up! Who thinks about cleaning up from a party when they are planning it? That is usually the last thing someone considers as they begin the planning process. Of course, unless you are the one who will be doing the cleaning. Again, why not let a professional do the dirty work? Kidz360 in Toronto is a great example of local company (for those who live in the west end near The Junction, Bloor West and High Park communities) that specializes in offering birthday party packages for kids. They will do all the planning, work and cleaning, you just need to bring the guests! If don’t happen to live in Toronto, you can stop by their website to get some great birthday party ideas for your youngsters.


Overall the idea of hiring a professional to plan a kids birthday party is sounding very tempting. The only concern now is to decide which professional company to hire. Keep in mind that anyone can call themselves a professional, but not all are actually experts. It is important to hire someone who knows and works with children all the time. You will be glad you went with the right company so that your kid’s birthday party will become a great and lasting memory without all the hassle. After all, a child is only a child for so long.

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12 Popular Engagement Ring Designs

People are always on the lookout for out-of-the-ordinary engagement rings. Thankfully, there are several options available today.


If you’re a nontraditional bride hunting for a unique engagement ring, there are a plenty of available options. From vintage designs and colorful center stones to the mixed metal settings, the choices are endless. While a simple solitaire ring could be a classic choice, you may just want to be different with colorful dazzlers.

We have lined up some unique engagement rings design for women that can turn all eyes.

Floral accents

Engagement rings are blooming with vines, flowers and petals, and other accents plucked straight from the garden. A diamond vine climbing up the ring band adds a whimsical touch to it.

Colorful diamonds

A colorful diamond is easily the ideal choice, if you want to tread the non-traditional path. Pink and yellow fancy hued diamonds stand out among the crowd. For a bolder statement, try the ultramodern black or chocolate diamond.


Colorful gems

If you want a colorful centre stone, you don’t need to go for a diamond rings design for women. Sapphire could be a great alterative to the pink and yellow diamonds, while emeralds and rubies emit an instant positive vibe. Stones with multidimensional color, like the alexandrite, give a cool color changing effect.  

Square bands

Engagement rings with a square band look absolutely sleek. They are also more comfortable to wear than their rounded counterparts. Square edges don’t constrict or pain your fingers.

Mixed metal halos


Undecided whether you want rose gold, yellow gold, or platinum? Never mind, just mix them all. A detailed rose gold halo can give the white gold ring its moment of upgrade.

Colorful accent stones

Consider colorfully accented stones if you are still unprepared to commit to a centre stone but still want your engagement rings design for your loved ones to look special. Fancy sapphires and diamonds on the band can give the ring a more vibrant feel.

Vintage designs

Take inspiration from the vintage inspired trends and consider a Victorian or art deco flair ring. You can never go wrong with an engagement ring having an heirloom quality. It’s both timeless and glamorous.


Rose gold

The feminine rose shade flatters all skins. And that’s the reason why pink gold is staging a comeback.

Elaborate side views

Intricate detailing on the sides of your engagement ring band means it will look brilliant from all angles. Consider a monogrammed profile setting to get a more personalized feel. You can add a sentimental touch without being too obvious.


Three-stone settings

The three-stone setting is the perfect combination of symbolism and sparkle. It’s also often known as the trilogy or trinity of rings. The three diamonds represent past, present, and future.

Marquise-cut and pear-shaped

A round-cut diamond is easily the most popular centre stone in engagement rings design for women. But marquise cut pear-shaped diamonds are staging a comeback. These tapered cuts can instantly slim, elongating its fingers.


Split shank

There can’t be anything better than a pave band which splits in two. It’s twice the prettier and gives engagement rings that architectural feel.

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Enjoy Your Weekend Market With Your Mom

Weekend market is mainly conducted in the weekends like Sunday and Saturday according to the state rules. You can find each and every item for your household, or as a gift in this weekend market. If you want to visit the weekend market with your mom then you will get lot of fun because there are many things like, various shops, flower bouquets outlet, antique gallery and multi cuisine restaurants. So you can easily shop in this market, and enjoy the different varieties of foods also.

Weekend Market

Why Do You Need to Visit Your Weekend Market with Your Mom and Family?

While most people go to such markets to buy commodities of daily needs, doing some leisurely shopping with family members, especially moms can be quite an unwinding and relaxing experience.

Although online shopping, to some extent, has taken over visiting the markets by foot, some people still prefer the older version of shopping. The joys and advantages of visiting a market on the weekends are many:

  • The joy of buying items from a store by personally visiting one outweighs the benefits of ordering things online. A buyer can touch the items with his or hand that he or she wants to buy, feel the texture and the material, and check for any fault, if present.
  • Faulty and damaged goods can be returned then and there to the shopkeeper, after a thorough inspection.
  • A buyer can explore the entire market or shop at their own ease, without having to remain satisfied with only the products that are advertised on the page of a particular website.
  • Going for shopping means not having to stay in the confines of a four walled room, and getting a whiff of fresh air.
  • A buyer can bargain or haggle for the price of any good as much as they want to, and then feel victorious with their precious catch and rejoice at their win.
  • The advantage of offline shopping is that a shopper has the option of buying items either from a retail store or visiting a wholesale outlet.
  • The buyers can also go for a coffee or watch a movie afterwards, after shopping is completed. This is a great way to catch up with old friends, mend broken relations, or renew the bond with a loved one.

Shopping Weekend Market

Why Is It Best to Go to A Weekend Market with Your Mom?

  • Weekend markets mostly have wares like spices, utensils, organizers etc. that moms need in order to run the household.
  • Shopping for spices and other local produce from weekend markets can turn out to be a learning experience when done with moms.
  • Moms usually have a keen eye for the right kind of raw materials and you can be rest assured that the product that you buy with your mom will be of the highest quality.
  • Mothers also need a fun day out with their children and going store hopping on a weekend market with her can surely delight her.
  • Vendors who set up their stalls in the weekend markets often come with different handmade products that can be used for various religious purposes and moms love to curate such stuff.
  • Weekend markets are also the best places to pick some fresh organic produce and the health conscious moms of today enjoy shopping for such stuff.

Thus, nothing can be as better as weekend shopping, and no one can be a better companion than our mothers. It is suggested to visit the weekend market in the morning, so that you can easily cover the full market. Along with that, you must carry some cash in hand because most of these shops of weekend market do not accept the credit or debit card as payment gateway. 

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How to Choose The Best Incontinence Pads For Your Daily Or Emergency Needs?

incontinence pads

There are many women who suffer from urinary incontinence. The right kind of incontinence pads can save them from getting embarrassed during an occasion or in the middle of the night, or else, when they travel from one place to another.

  • Nowadays more and more women are using incontinence pads for an increased level of comfort and for reliving them of bacterial or fungal infections of any kind. Good quality pads are made of fabrics and cotton which have a high capability of absorption, and thus, these pads are ideal for those who travel frequently, or those who suffer from diabetes, prostate problem or any kind of pelvic disorder.
  • There are many online stores from where you can buy these incontinence pads. This ensures not just your privacy, but it also makes the delivery possible within few days right at your doorstep. You do not have to undergo any embarrassing situation, like what you feel when you ask for such pads in your local medicine stores.
  • It is very easy to wear these pads. They can be attached into the undergarments, and they can be worn according to different body types, so that they fit well, not considering the fact that one can be fat, thin or of medium variety.

incontinence pad for women

How Can You Make A Wise Selection While Buying the Pads?

  • See the length of the pads and then try to fit them into your undergarments. You can choose from various styles to ensure that they give you utmost comfort as they are available in different sizes, and you cannot change the box, once you have broken the seal. So it is very important to know the right size which suits your body type, before you buy these pads.
  • These can be used by both males and females: there are incontinence pads that are used by both. They can use it to cover a wide area, depending on their weight, waist measurement and the body types.
  • There are many urinary incontinence pads which come with floral scent, so that you do not suffer from skin rashes, body odor or any type of itching sensation. It is better to buy the branded pads, as this ensures that you will have a good night’s sleep so that you can wake up to be fit and fine in the morning. These can be worn with incontinence undergarments or without these. You can use them depending on the requirement of the situation.
  • Know about the absorbency potential of the incontinence pads before you buy them: it is very important to know about the material and how far it can soak the urine. If you use a too heavy pad, then you will feel a sticky and uncomfortable sensation, so it is always wise to choose pads that have high absorbency and leak-locking system so that the fluid does not spill out to several directions.

pads for woman

What are the Best Benefits that Incontinence Pads Provide?

  • They absorb the level of urine to a great extent. The feeling of dryness and lack of itching means that you can remain comfortable while wearing them.
  • They are light-weight and they can be easily carried even in small bags.
  • They do not give out foul smell even if you wear them for long.
  • They are easily disposable and they do not pollute the environment in any way.

So now you can choose the best varieties of pads for you, and remain dry forever.

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How to Dress in Your Workplace

What you should wear to work greatly depends on where you work and what dress code is preferred. Some offices insist on traditionally professional clothes, while others don’t. The general rule is that you are expected to look sharp and professional in any case. If you want to express your individuality and style and get out of lifeless office attire, a trend called business casual is the way to go.

Business casual is somewhere in the middle between very formal and casual, but the spectrum is large. Normally, you can mix traditional office clothing with more relaxed pieces and add a personal touch, while still keeping the business look.

The best way to build your work wardrobe is to get all the essential pieces and make smart combinations. Here is our checklist and some suggestions.

woman pants


When you find the perfect pants, you are half way there. They should always be sharp and professional, with a slim, bootcut or trouser silhouette, and in solid colours. In case jeans are allowed, stick to dark washes or black jeans. Avoid any prints and embellishments, striped or checkered pants and bright colours. You can combine classic work pants with a matching jacket and pumps or boots, and you’ll have more room for colour and style with your blouse.


The Blouse

A basic blouse is a staple in any woman’s work wardrobe, and you should choose something in solid colours or very simple prints. Building around your white, pink and baby blue blouses is a great start. You can layer them with a cardigan, a blazer or a jacket. You can wear them tucked in with dark jeans for a more casual look and get more colourful if your workplace allows it.

work dress for woman

Skirts and Dresses

Skirts and dresses are a great alternative to the work pants. An elegant pencil skirt can be worn with shirts, blouses, cardigans and blazers. Work dresses are the perfect choice to express your femininity and corporate chic. They are usually short sleeved or sleeveless and worn with a blazer. Both skirts and dresses can be worn with flats and pumps, or boots in the winter. Depending on the situation and the season, go for bright or darker tones, but always choose something toned down.



Nothing emphasizes the professional look more than a work suit, and it can be a pants suit or a skirt suit. Suits provide you with many more options than it might seem at first. You can wear them as matching sets with an interesting blouse, or you can split them into separates and combine jackets with different skirts for example, which gives you plenty of room for creativity especially if you move out of the monochromatic scheme.

Blazers and Jackets

Blazers and Jackets

These are also staple pieces in your work wardrobe, and you should probably have a wide selection of them from basic to business. If your office prefers a formal dress code, a universal structured blazer with one or two buttons will be perfect. If you have more room to be casual, you can go for an unstructured silhouettes, soft jackets, or longer looser jackets for a fashion statement. You can even wear a cropped blazer if it matches well with a work dress for example.

Remember to always wear something that fits you well, and flatters your body shape. If you really want to add a personal touch to your work clothing, do it via accessories and jewelry, but never go overboard. It is all about combining well and matching colours. 

skin care
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How to Rejuvenate Your Skin

Unfortunately there is still no magic cure that would prevent us from aging. But until the future technology comes up with something more appropriate, we will simply have to rely on current methods of rejuvenation. Whether you are tired of dry patches, brown spots, deep lines and wrinkles, or simply wish to rehydrate your skin and bring back that former glow there are certain techniques that might help you with that. These are a few things you could try out in order to bring that youthful appearance to your skin in only a few easy steps:Continue reading