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#Snacks4WimpyKid Dog Days of Summer

We are in the midst of the dog days of summer – shuffling back to school preparations with sneaking in every last thing we wanted to check off our summer fun list, and we can all use a break around here! The kids and I took advantage of a rainy morning to do just that – we curled up to a movie to relax our minds and enjoyed a healthy snack to get our nutritious eating back on track in time for the Fall!

I treated the kids to a copy of A Diary of a Wimpy Kid during a recent “Back to School Shopping” trip to Walmart. During the school year, I’m a huge fan of tossing Del Monte Fruit Cups into their lunchboxes because these all natural, perfectly proportioned fruit cups are a great way for me to know I’ve put something healthy into their bodies during their school day. And at just $2.00 for a pack of 4 at Walmart, they are very affordable.

I recently discovered that Del Monte was hosting a Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days of Summer contest on their Facebook page where your kids can use their app “Wimp Yourself” to draw their own version of themselves in true “DOAWK” fashion!

The grand prize winner will actually receive a hand-drawn sketch of a family portrait by Jeff Kinney, valued at $250, and they will also award 25 first place winners with free Del Monte Fruit Cups for a year!

Buckaroo took his time testing out Wimp Yourself and came up with these two fabulous Diary of a Wimpy Kid versions of himself…which do YOU like best?

After carefully illustrating himself and entering into the contest, we all sat down with our Del Monte fruit cups and enjoyed some much needed family time.  And because we are still in summer mode, a trip to the ice cream store followed!  Hey–we tried!  We will all slowly return to our healthy back to school selves in about three weeks!

For more information on you can enter the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days contest, visit Del Monte on Facebook and Twitter.

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Chipping Away at my “Things I’ve Never Done” List…

Back in November, a Writers Workshop assignment prompted me to post a list of 22 things I had yet to do in life. I sit here, a little over 8 months later, and that list is officially down to 10 things left!!

1.  I’ve never gotten a tattoo.  {My two sisters & I are going to be doing this in the Spring, though!}

Take a peek at my official first ink {note “first” – loved the feeling so much that I am planning my next one!}

2. I’ve never been to Vegas.  Always wanted to, never had the chance.

3. I’ve never driven a convertible.  I’ve been in one, but never had the chance to drive one myself.

So. Much. Fun.

4. I’ve never seen a West Coast sunset.

5. I’ve never been a stand-up comedian.  This is seriously something I’d love to attempt to do. I love to make people laugh, and I have no problem telling jokes at my own expense.  This could be a total hoot!

6. I’ve never paid someone to clean my house.  Who wouldn’t dream about hiring a maid at some point in their life!?

Ok, so, I didn’t exactly have to pay for this but I did get a chance to review a local cleaning company for my other website. And, it’s safe to say that I’ll never hire a maid again.  I prefer to clean my own house thankyouverymuch.

7. I’ve never spent more than $100 on a pair of shoes.

Um….what to say.  Since November, I’ve accomplished this twice.  They were on sale AND I had an additional coupon each time but still…

8. I’ve never flown overseas. If I had my choice, I’d visit France.  Sipping tea with Princess Kate would be a close second.

9. I’ve never gotten so drunk that I didn’t remember the night. Maybe I can combine this with Vegas & make a mom version of “The Hangover.”!?

10. I’ve never seen Male Dancers. When my sister Kelly gets engaged, I am totally booking her some raunchy, hot male dancers purely for the sake of this list. You know, because I had to.

“Magic Mike” was enough for me.  More than enough.  Unless, of course, Channing Tatum brings it to Broadway then, yes, you bet your hot ass I’m buying front row seats to that.

11. I’ve never read “The Notebook.” I’ve seen the movie like a gazillion times but I’ve never actually sat down and read the book.  I’ve wanted to.

12. I’ve never gone skinny dipping.

13. I’ve never seen a horror flick.

14. I’ve never made out with Brad Pitt.

15. Or George Clooney.

16. Or Jude Law {major swoon!}

They all couldn’t even compete at this point…

17. I’ve never been to Ground Zero.

18. I’ve never ran a race.

Still haven’t actually ran one, but I did train for a half-marathon.  And we did run a celebratory “race” which ended with us drinking beer in a sleezy bar in Seaside Heights, NJ at 10:30am.

19. I’ve never published a book.

It’s totally under way – and mark my words….BEST SELLER.

20. I’ve never kissed passionately in the rain like in a scene out of a chick flick.

Um, yes please.

21. I’ve never invented something new.

22. I’ve never won the lottery

Or have I?

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Mom’s “WTF Facts”: An ongoing list…

I’ve been following “What the F*CK Facts” on twitter for a while now.  Every day, I’m humored, and even sometimes shocked, by several “facts” that are revealed, so much that I’ve found myself mentally compiling my own list of WTF Facts that only another mom could relate to.

So, I present to you…..“Mom’s WTF Facts: An Ongoing List”

* It takes HOURS to clean and organize a playroom, and less than 5 minutes for it to be utterly destroyed beyond recongition.  WTF!

* It’s inevitable that after you scrub your toilets and wipe the piss stains off the wall that someone will literally $hit on your work seconds later. WTF!

* When find yourself kid-less for the night, your sleeping hours will consist of heartburn, insomnia, or ridiculously loud snoring from your spouse as opposed to a night of uniterrupted sleep. WTF!

* No matter how many times you unload your kitchen sink, every time you walk by it new {& barely dirty} items will be in it. WTF!

* Same thing goes for the laundry basket. WTF!

* If your kids pick their nose & eat their findings, it may actually strengthen their immune system. WTF!

* The day you succumb to the stains on your kitchen floor and spend your only free time on your hands and knees making it shine is the day that juice will be split on it.  WTF!

* Kids will lie about the silliest things:  Yes, I pooped today–No, I’m not tired–Yes, I let the dog out.  By the end of the day, you’re left with a constipated, exhausted kid and a pile of dog shit in the playroom. WTF!

Got anything to add to my list?  Feel free to leave your mom-appreciated WTF Fact in the comments below & I’ll add it to my on-going list along with a link back to your blog or twitter handle.