How to Make Prom Dress Shopping Effortless

While prom dress shopping for your daughter should be exciting and fun, it can also be really stressful. Here are some ways to help cut the stress and make the experience a whole lot easier for you and your daughter.

Finding The Right Shop

The right prom dress shop is one with a good sized, beautiful selection of homecoming dresses so that you will be able to look through different designs and styles to find what suits your daughter best. Friendly consultants who are happy to sift through dresses for your daughter and advice on the best shape and color for her body are also a big help and can eliminate the stress of prom dress shopping.

Do Your Research

Before heading off to the store, be prepared. You can seriously minimize shopping time if you look at dresses online ahead of time. If you find a style your daughter will love, print it out and bring it to the store.

Set Your Budget

Are you going to be buying your daughter’s prom dress or will she be paying it with her money? What can the two of you afford? Narrow down your budget and the dress options you can afford to help narrow down your shopping options.

Know Her Style

The right prom dress shop, like Peaches Boutique’s superstore in Chicago, will be able to help identify a style that really suits your daughter, making the shopping experience so much easier.  This also helps lessen the amount of time she spend in the store trying on dresses.

A Dress You Approve Of

The last thing you want is a great big battle with your daughter over her dream dress, particularly if it’s a dress you don’t approve of. Who wants to spend time in a store fighting over a dress? Talk to her about the types of dresses you approve of before you go shopping and if she isn’t a fan, try to reach a compromise first.

Know Her Size

Since there isn’t a single standardized size chart for every designer, knowing her size can actually be tricky. She may be a size 4 in one type of prom dress and a size 2 in another designer’s dress. You can estimate her dress size though: add 1 or 2 sizes to her pant size. You won’t really know her true size until she starts trying prom dresses on, but remember that jean sizes and dress sizes are very different, so get a scare if she’s usually a size 6 in jeans but a size 10 in a prom gown. More or less knowing her size, though, will also lessen trying on time in stores.

Ask For Help

This is what can really make the shopping experience more pleasant. It’s great to have a little professional input when she’s trying on dresses. A knowledgeable sales consultant can quickly become your closest ally during the shopping process and can help to guide you and your daughter through the trying-on of dresses and finding the best possible fit. They can suggest the right colors and styles that you and your daughter may not even have considered.

Trying on prom dresses is fun, but do keep an open mind when the sales consultant makes suggestions –they know what they’re doing!

Good luck finding the perfect prom gown for your daughter’s special event.

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