Keratin is an imperative protein, essential for growth of hair, skin, horn and teeth. The constituent amino acids of Keratin bears interesting properties needed for growth and depending on the structure, the same can be soft as skin or as hard as horns.

Keratin is produced by keratinocytes; the active cells that form a large part of hair, nails, teeth, skin and other parts of the body. Keratin hair treatment for smooth and soft hair is a popular treatment in almost all salons these days. Keratin colour therapy smoothens and DE fizzes coloured hair and gives a shiny and silky lustre.

Keratin therapy is applied during hair smoothening, straightening and colouring methods. This trendy technology in the hair beautification application injects keratin into the hair. This process helps to control moistness from reaching the hair, thus eradicating fizziness. The, Keratin Complex Colour Treatment assimilates this iconic keratin proficiency into the hair-colouring technique, which helps to make the hair appear lustrous and stylish. Smoothening by Keratin therapy will effectually give the hair an elegant and shiny texture, but it is important to remember that the therapy is not permanent. It requires regular touch ups. It is extremely imperative to repeat it or touch it up after regular gap; say 4-5 months depending on the class of the hair. It’s an effective alternative to cyclically flattening the hair in every occasion or every day.

Keratin treatment is a chemical procedure. So the chemically charged up trials are detrimental and not suitable to folks with subtle and enflamed scalps with certain contagious or fungoid septicity and reactions. It is challenging to evaluate whether it is harmless for each and every one.  So, hair experts always recommend to get the hair test done, evaluate its quality, class and texture and then choose the most suitable hair treatment; in some cases it can be a big no to Keratin too.

Keratinis acostlytherapy. Look for all other available options before financing in this cure. Pregnant women are not allowed to go for this Keratintherapy.This procedure may release some harmful gases which are not appropriate for pregnant women. The maintenance is costly. To maintain smoothened hair, one must only apply Keratin shampoo, conditioner and serum which are very expensive.

For best and optimum results one will need specialised and well skilled hair stylist thus paying quite high as treatment and consultation cost.Chemically treated hair is susceptible to hair damage, cracks, splits and hair loss.This is not exclusive to this treatment.Perms and colouring processes also lead to similar impacts.

Moreover Keratin therapy may lead to allergic reactions in the scalp. So it is always advisable to visit a renowned salon or a hair specialist. It is also vital to go for patch test before the actual therapy; to check the compatibility quotient.