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Keratin – The Best Treatment for Healthy Hair

The human body is a miracle in itself and we see a number of new products which come in the market every now and then so that we can keep all the parts of our body in a healthy state. Hair plays an important part in the looks of a person, be it a woman or man and you will find a number of people who go for various treatments to get healthy and shiny hair.

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As Keratin has become very popular in today’s time, we see a lot of people taking this treatment to get the best of their hair.  So, if a person becomes tired of fizzy and messy hair, the Keratin treatment proves very helpful in providing silky, smooth, fizz free and soft hair.  This is the reason why most of the good hair salons recommend to use the Keratin treatment, Keratin which is a natural protein is also found in the nails, skin and hair and this protein also increases the elasticity and strength of the hair.

The natural protein which is there in the hair is lessened after a time period because of the exposure of the hair to the harsh and bad weather and lack of proper care.  Keratin is the best and safe way for smoothing and revitalization for straightening of the hair. The application of works for the purpose of restoring the elements of the hair which are lost over a period of time, Keratin helps in providing the hair shaft or the cortex for the purpose of releasing strong bond so the hair which can make the hair curly and fizzy.

There a number of brands which provides Keratin treatments in different price ranges and one can generally use all of them. Though, while looking for Keratin treatment, there is one thing which one person should consider and the careful thing is reading the labels which are there on the product, and make sure that it should not contain more than2% of formaldehyde as it can harm the hair in a very bad way which will end the most horrendous results.

The high content of formaldehyde can prove really risky for the hair though the side-effects of the high dosage of formaldehyde can be very bad for the hair. There are also companies who provide formaldehyde free keratin treatment.

As there are a number of companies who provide Keratin, you will also many of the good ones which provide formaldehyde free keratin treatment as this can actually be really harmful to the hair as it damages the hair quality and hair roots. Thus, this is one of the most important part is to consider the content of this chemical.

The reason why Keratin is considered better than the other hair products is that it has fewer chemicals which other hair products are full of. So, if you are looking for Keratin treatment, then you can certainly go for it, though be careful about the basics.

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LV&Me – Jewellery Collection

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Get Rid of All Your Skin Imperfections

A major component of an elegant and even professional style is beautiful skin. However, sometimes weather, time, lack of sleep, hormones and many other factors are not working on our side, causing many imperfections on our faces. These do not go well with any outfits, so do your best to fight the pesky imperfections off.

Fighting Wrinkles

Since the time machines have not been invented yet, it is difficult to go back in time when you had no wrinkles or to slow the time down and prevent them to show, you have to find different ways of minimizing the folds on your face. To do so, you have to change some of your habits such as smoking and irregular sleeping. Smoking causes your skin to age faster and to sag, thus causing many wrinkles. Also, irregular sleeping habits will make your skin feel tired and lose its flexibility because of the breaking down of skin cells. Avoid exposure to sun, since it dehydrates your skin and causes wrinkles and much older look. Work on your diet, too and introduce as many vegetables and fruits as possible into your daily meals. Soy and salmon can also help you repair any damages on skin and help you avoid wrinkles.

Dry Skin

Not just during the winter, dry skin can also occur anytime if you are not taking good care of it. The key to avoid and cure dry skin is moisturizing. Drink plenty of water every day to keep your skin well hydrated. Apply moisturizers that suit your skin type right after getting out of the shower. Lotions and creams will preserve the piled up moisture in your skin and keep it fresh. Also, do not take too long showers and baths since they can remove the oils from your skin and dry it out. Minimize the use of soaps while showering or consider using soap-free cleansers. Avoid using any bath sponges, brushes and washcloths and never ever scratch your skin. Moisturize to control the itch and prevent dry skin.


Any pigmentation irregularities can be off-putting and unattractive. There are many possibilities of removing dark spots off your face, such as home remedies, chemical peel, creams for lightening your skin and laser treatments. Lemon juice, Aloe Vera and cucumbers are some of the natural home remedies that can help you resolve pigmentation problems; chemical peel will exfoliate your skin removing any freckles, melasma and other imperfections. Various skin creams that are rich in hydroquinone, soy milk and cucumber will slow down the production of melanin and remove any pigmentation from your skin. However, if you do not see results after using any of these, you can always undergo skin pigmentation removal procedures which involve laser resurfacing. Consult with your dermatologist and get the best treatment for your perfect skin.

Acne Problems

The best thing you can do to get rid of acne and restore your beauty is to rely on some natural home remedies and cleansers. Cleanse your face at least twice a day to wash away any dirt, excess oils and makeup. Make sure to choose gentle cleansers that contain no chemicals, to avoid any damages on your skin. Also, there are lots of home remedies that can be useful as face masks, such as baking soda which is great for exfoliating, lemon juice which will cleanse and nourish your skin with its vitamins, orange peel, Aloe Vera gel, and many other herbs. Find the ingredients to mix up your own face mask, and have a spa-like treatment every day right at your home.

It is the best to prevent any of these imperfections and always be beautiful. However, if any of these have already started showing up, it is the best to follow these tips and restore your beauty and walk proudly. 

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How to Rejuvenate Your Skin

Unfortunately there is still no magic cure that would prevent us from aging. But until the future technology comes up with something more appropriate, we will simply have to rely on current methods of rejuvenation. Whether you are tired of dry patches, brown spots, deep lines and wrinkles, or simply wish to rehydrate your skin and bring back that former glow there are certain techniques that might help you with that. These are a few things you could try out in order to bring that youthful appearance to your skin in only a few easy steps:Continue reading

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Essential Things to Know about Brazilian Keratin Treatment for your Hair

If you have been praying to god every morning to make your hair naturally untangled and spare you form the hassles of shampooing and conditioning them every morning then it means you have really difficult hair situation. If your hair is vulnerable to humidity like a lot of other people then no matter the type of conditioners, shampoos, or oils you try, none of them seem to have any long lasting effect. Although there are many TV commercials that claim to have the best product for untangling your hair, the truth is that most of them do not work (at least not for a very long time.) This means that you are left with very few options. Thankfully there is Brazilian keratin treatment which has proven very effective.

A lot of people who have been struggling with messy hair for a long time say that keratin treatment has come as a blessing to them. Over the years, this Brazilian keratin treatment has emerged as a very effective and safe hair treatment. This treatment will not only detangle your hair strands but will also help in straightening them. Also, it will make your hair look shinier and glossier. If you have used other products and failed, you must give this treatment a try.

What exactly is Keratin?

Knowing a little bit about keratin will make you more confident about its effectiveness. Keratin is the protein that primarily contributes to the structure of your hair. The way a good quality clothing item requires the good quality fabric, exactly in the same way the quality of your hair depends a great deal upon the keratin. While many the other hair products can only claim to give the results you desire, this treatment has proven its merit time and again.

Does Brazilian Keratin Treatment harm your hair?

There was a time when experts and scientists had raised doubts about its usefulness and had also said that it could potentially harm your hair. It included certain chemicals that had shown certain side effects. The truth is that all these claims by the scientists were not totally unfounded. Earlier, this treatment made use of the chemical compound called formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a carcinogen and it can affect your hair as well as the scalp. Also, during the treatment process, the fumes containing carcinogen were released. Carcinogen is the same compound which is released by a burning cigarette. Therefore, while going through the treatment there were high chances of inhaling it.

But the manufacturers of the Brazilian keratin treatment understood the detrimental effects of formaldehyde and ensured that the newly manufactured products do not include it. So, there are many high quality products available that do not harm you anymore.

What’s really good about keratin treatment?

The keratin treatment products include the elements that have natural condition properties. These elements make sure that your hair gets the required nutrients. It also gets the supply of keratin protein which it has lost over time. The treatment products are also rich in antioxidants which ensures that your hair always stays silky, smooth, and soft.

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Good Bye Fizziness: Welcome Silky and Shiny Hair

Keratin is an imperative protein, essential for growth of hair, skin, horn and teeth. The constituent amino acids of Keratin bears interesting properties needed for growth and depending on the structure, the same can be soft as skin or as hard as horns.

Keratin is produced by keratinocytes; the active cells that form a large part of hair, nails, teeth, skin and other parts of the body. Keratin hair treatment for smooth and soft hair is a popular treatment in almost all salons these days. Keratin colour therapy smoothens and DE fizzes coloured hair and gives a shiny and silky lustre.

Keratin therapy is applied during hair smoothening, straightening and colouring methods. This trendy technology in the hair beautification application injects keratin into the hair. This process helps to control moistness from reaching the hair, thus eradicating fizziness. The, Keratin Complex Colour Treatment assimilates this iconic keratin proficiency into the hair-colouring technique, which helps to make the hair appear lustrous and stylish. Smoothening by Keratin therapy will effectually give the hair an elegant and shiny texture, but it is important to remember that the therapy is not permanent. It requires regular touch ups. It is extremely imperative to repeat it or touch it up after regular gap; say 4-5 months depending on the class of the hair. It’s an effective alternative to cyclically flattening the hair in every occasion or every day.

Keratin treatment is a chemical procedure. So the chemically charged up trials are detrimental and not suitable to folks with subtle and enflamed scalps with certain contagious or fungoid septicity and reactions. It is challenging to evaluate whether it is harmless for each and every one.  So, hair experts always recommend to get the hair test done, evaluate its quality, class and texture and then choose the most suitable hair treatment; in some cases it can be a big no to Keratin too.

Keratinis acostlytherapy. Look for all other available options before financing in this cure. Pregnant women are not allowed to go for this Keratintherapy.This procedure may release some harmful gases which are not appropriate for pregnant women. The maintenance is costly. To maintain smoothened hair, one must only apply Keratin shampoo, conditioner and serum which are very expensive.

For best and optimum results one will need specialised and well skilled hair stylist thus paying quite high as treatment and consultation cost.Chemically treated hair is susceptible to hair damage, cracks, splits and hair loss.This is not exclusive to this treatment.Perms and colouring processes also lead to similar impacts.

Moreover Keratin therapy may lead to allergic reactions in the scalp. So it is always advisable to visit a renowned salon or a hair specialist. It is also vital to go for patch test before the actual therapy; to check the compatibility quotient.

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How to Get Some Great Cover-Up Tattoo Designs For Mom?

It is true that new moms find it quite difficult to style up and get back to their original lifestyle, after a child is born. But it is definitely true that they look more stylish with some of the best cover up tattoo designs which are intricately designed especially for them. There are many tattoo studios and professional tattoo artists, who design perfect body tattoo for stylish mom, so that they look charming and exquisitely beautiful as before.

  • These tattoos are not quiet costly and most are done with sterilized needles
  • The tattoo artists can work on their own cover up designs or else, the new moms can also customize their designs according to their complexion and haircut.

4 Great Cover up Tattoos for Stylish Mom:

#1. The Japanese Floral Design and the Chinese Symbols:

The use of colors and shapes are to be used to maximum, when doing cover up tattoos for stylish mom. Symbols, floral prints, red and black Japanese warrior marks, Chinese scripts in red and golden, and other types of intricate Japanese tattoos are the best to remodel the old mom, and make her look chic and trendy. The cover up area should be measured by a good tattoo artist, before the actual work starts. Moreover, the sterilization and the cleaning of the tattoo must be done over a large surface area, so that the entire abdomen, or shoulder or the done-up arms and legs do not feel itchy. The cover up tattoos for stylish mom are generally large in shape, and new moms look good in both eastern and western wear, when they wear these cover up tattoos.

#2. The Tribal Owl Tattoo Design:

The tribal owl design is also one of the best cover up tattoos for stylish mom. The owl and the owlet designs and the cover up techniques that are used for mothers, are the best options when it comes to hide the small tattoo shapes and create a trendier design for the mom. The internet and the tattoo portals are the best places where you can locate great cover up tattoos for stylish mom, and you can customize and combine one or two designs or else, contact a professional online artist for great designs at your disposal.

#3. Face Shapes and Human Body Designs in Bright Red, Golden and Brown Colors:

Since mothers need to cover up the old tattoos, some bright, bold and dark colors are required to make the tattoos look beautiful. If the women have dark complexion, however, the bright colors shall not suit them, but the dark colors look better in women who have lighter and fairer complexion. However, there are multiple cover up colors that can be used for women, and if the colors are dark, they will stay longer.

#4. Cover up falcon tattoos:

Falcon and bird tattoos are the trendiest ones, and they are the most affordable cover up tattoos for stylish mom. Falcons in bright yellow, golden, maroon, chrome red and scarlet are the most innovative ones that the new mothers can design to get back to their original stylish selves. The falcons and the bird designs are generally intricate, and the sketch and the colorful wing drawings are the best cover up designs that can be used for any meeting, exhibitions and parties. These designs make the new mothers more confident and they look their best with these cover up tattoos.

You must consult only the professional and expert tattoo artists to get your tattoo done perfectly. It does not matter whether the woman is a mother of even two children. She can try out the all new trendy designs as per their needs.