Add to Your Hotness Quotient This Winter Dress like a ‘Chick’ and Avoid the ‘Thick’!

Pink winter, purple winter, and chilly winter – in India, winter is considered to be the mating time of sorts. This is the marriage season as well. This is actually the time, when we actually want to be with someone, and proximity becomes coziness. How are you dressed? You are dressed for the chill or you are dressed to win that thrill? This is the biggest question here. The Mantra is loud and clear; we have already stated with the new beginning. Dress like a chick and avoid the thick!

Puff Is “Off-Putting”

Women are like dolls; they are not teddy bears! Make sure that your jacket is not making you look like a teddy bear! Go for Moto Jackets and Peacoats; they form a better dressing for you to look in shape. Add scarves and belts to maintain this “uber style statement”. But, make sure that you are not overdoing it; as they will never cast a female at any cost in the 24th sequel of “Motorcycle Diaries.”

Have a Look at This Bomber Jacket Option

For that drop-dead figure and those stunning looks, the bomber jacket is a tried-and-tested option. Pick up a chick color, go out for some fur like option, adoring the collars, cover the zip, and just go for it! Opt for a cotton-blend sleeveless bomber jacket and flaunt yourself in the similar fashion as you did it in the summers.

Beat the Mist with Zipping Front Long Sleeve Hoodies

Hoodies will never go out of the fashion dictionary of a hot chick; it is a kind of sporty signature that you are creating for yourself, and hoodies support your figure in the best possible fashion. You can also opt for some interesting collars and add a new charm to your winter dressing sense.

“V-Neck” Is “The Neck”

In the recent past, we have seen that crew necks are making an entry, when it comes to sweaters. However, ultimately it was and is the V-Neck, which creates a chick statement; so, make sure that you are opting for one. Do not let the summer rob all those plunging necklines from you. Your pendant might lose its charm when you will wear it on a crew neck. However, the magic will remain intact with a V-neck.

Leather Look Is the “In-Weather” Look!

Faux leather has created a new universe of sorts for the Women Clothing lovers; your faux leather pants and leggings can arrange a great skin show in the winters as well, and treat it as an opportunity to flaunt your leather look, because summers will force you to move on to all those “not-so-hot “ cotton looks” all over again.

Winter Accessories Can Add a New Color to Your Look

Who says earmuffs cannot be glamorous? They can be indeed, if they match with your headband! Winters give you this license to wear head-turning hats and lovely gloves. Add this new twist to your chick personality, and rediscover yourself with these irresistible winter accessories.

Feel like a Diva in Sweater Dresses

Add long boots and belts to your sweater; you can also go for a thigh high legging. These combinations can break the monotony of a regular sweater and allow your figure to come into the center stage.

Wintertime is the time of the hormonal rush; in order to retaliate the chill; some carnal instincts also swoop onto your body and into your behavior. This is a psychologically and physiologically tested fact! If not done tastefully, then our winter clothing can act like a true dampener of moods for us and for the onlookers too. Follow this simple mantra this winter; avoid the ‘thick’ and act like a ‘chick’.

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