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The Perks of A Jungle Gym Include Fit And Happy Kids

Are your children bored? Do they need something to do to help them pass the time while still getting valuable exercise? Do you want them out of the house and enjoying the crisp autumn air? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need a jungle gym to keep your children busy. The autumn months are glorious and there is plenty of rest and relaxation for most, but kids can’t sit still for five minutes. As parents, you have to give them something to do. They need to be outside playing and having a fun time and there is no better way to spend a day than on a playground system in their own backyard.

Do you want to give your kids another opportunity to exercise and get them out from in front of the computer? You’re not alone; many parents want the electronics off and they’d like to see their kids out playing in the fresh air and sunshine. The best part about buying quality jungle gyms is that you can build on to them — they are totally customizable. You can connect buildings or get creative and build sets with sports equipment. If your children are older and need more than just monkey bars and swings to keep their interest, then try installing a basketball net or outdoor basketball system alongside the regular jungle gym fare. This will allow the whole family to play together. What a great way to have fun and burn calories at the same time.

With more than 30% of North America’s kid being obese, parents need to step up to the plate. It’s time to take your children’s health matters into your own hands. The fall months should be fun times, and thanks to the customizable jungle gyms from Play Rainbow, the options are endless and you can find something that is perfect for your family and their needs. Whether your children are young and need slides and bars, or whether they are older and require strong wooden sets or a fun basketball net, there is something for everyone. Find out how you can increase your families fitness levels and have a ball with your children, too.

Did you know that sitting in front of a computer screen will only burn off about 20-30 calories in an hour? However, active play will burn off nearly 200. The childhood obesity epidemic is out of control and it is because children have more inside activities than outside choices. Don’t allow your children to set inside all day long watching television and playing video games, make them get outside and experience Mother Nature. A new jungle gym system from the GTA’s Play Rainbow can bring fun for the whole family. With the best varieties of indoor and outdoor jungle gyms and the best selection of basketball equipment in Ontario available for purchase right now, you can help increase the health and happiness of your kids today.