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10 Most Inspirational People {in my life}

Another question from our drive to Vermont was to list 10 people who inspire us, and why.  At first I thought it was going to be hard to come up with ten people, but in the end, it was hard to come up with just ten people.  Here are the ten people who most inspire me and why:

My Son

The way my son handles the adversity he faces due to his food allergies is inspirational.  Each one of us faces challenges of our own, and could learn a lesson from him. Very, very rarely is it him who shows frustration when he gets left out of special treats at school, or can’t share the same meal as everyone at the table at family parties.  Usually it’s me. 

My Daughter

My daughter inspires me to be my best self, because after all, I am her biggest role model and she is watching me closely every day.  She inspires me to not look into the mirror and complain about my stomach or thighs, because I don’t want her to have poor body image.  She inspires me to be kind to people who aren’t kind, to show her that it’s far more important to love than to hate.  When I make poor choices, her presence inspires me to handle them in a way that shows her that everyone {even Mommy!} makes mistakes, and you should take responsibility for your actions and do the best you can in the future. 

My Mom

I could easily list a hundred reasons why my mom inspires me, and the list truly grows daily, but one thing that instantly sticks out in my mind is that my mom has the ability to cut people out of her life who aren’t adding anything positive to it.  She doesn’t allow negative people to drain her energy, and that is something I allow far too much.  I often ask myself WWTD {What Would Trish Do?} when I am feeling drained.  The way she cuts the negativity is never with drama or rudely, she just choose that they aren’t worth her energy and let’s it go. 

My Step-Dad

My step-dad has been in my life for longer than I can remember, and up until recently, I didn’t truly understand the depth of one of the things I’m most inspired by.  He has always, always treated me as his own, and loved me unconditionally–and as a divorced mom of two, this really strikes a chord with me.   Also, I’m not sure I can even count on one hand the number of times he has said something bad about another person.  He simply exudes so much love for the people around him that you can’t help but smile when you are with him.  He inspires me to be genuine in my relationships, and find the good in every person I meet.     

My Sisters

My sisters are both brilliant, and beautiful, and witty, and independent–and I do not think I am just biast. They are both such strong women, each with great heads on their shoulders filled with their own ideas on life.  They both inspire me to believe in myself, and my choices; to be a strong, independent woman like they are.  And it’s funny, I am the oldest and yet I look “up” to them both so much.   

My “Boyfriend”

Side Note:  Writing that just makes me giddy. I believe he came into my life for a reason, and there are many ways he inspires me.  But, most importantly, he gives me a reason to be motivated {or find motivation!} in everything that I do from mundane tasks to big decisions.  It’s very hard to find motivation when you are a single parent, working 2+ jobs, trying to stay a size 4, and trying to get eight hours of shut eye.  But, he believes in me, and that alone gives me the motivation I need when I truly can’t find it anywhere else. 

My Aunt Serena

Serena’s energy is contagious. And although if I had just a tenth of her energy, I’m sure I could move mountains, what inspires me the most about her is her spirtuality.  My fellow “black sheep” and monkey, Serena has been a buddist for longer than I can remember, and is a firm believer in the power of positive thinking, the Chinese Astrological Calendar, and being a GOOD person, which is certain to have exponential paybacks.  Her intuitive spirituality inspires me to think outside the box as I struggle with finding my own faith-path. 

My Cousin Jessica

A spring-chicken “just” six months younger than me, my cousin Jessica has confidence that is contagious.  I used to be a snob.  I used to think my $hit didn’t stink.  “Used to” is the key phrase.  I’m not sure when my confidence level became a thing of the past, but when I am around Jessica, she inspires me to look deep inside myself and find it. 

My Cousin Laura

Laura is a single full-time working mom, and she takes on the world.  She is *SUCH* a good mom.  She inspires me to fight through the exhaustion I often feel in so many avenues in life, and inspires me to make every moment special for my kids because that is what is most important at the end of the day.

My Girlfriend Allison

Allison is remarkable.  Not only does she never sleep because two of her three young sons have Diabetes and she is usually up around the clock making sure they are ok and getting the medicine they need, but her family just lost almost every single thing they own in Hurricane Sandy.  Yet you can run into her any given day and she is full of positive spirit and sincerely happy.  She is also the only other person in my life who not only shares my addiction of selling things on craigslist and returning items previously used, but is better at it than me. That alone is inspirational enough